Day 2 : Thankful for TED talks, Texts and Tapestry

Saturday morning, as I spent time working on my bird-cage cover
I listened to TED talks.

TED (conference)
TED (conference) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are you familiar with TED talks?
TED is a non-profit organization that began in 1984 with the idea of spreading new creative thinking on technology, electronics and design.  Conferences are held in California and the UK on a large-scale and then smaller conferences are here and there. To be asked to speak at a TED conference is a tremendous honor … because TED speakers are cutting edge, out of the box, creative thinkers. I try to watch at least one or two TED talks a week. They are generally around 15 minutes a piece. It’s a very small time investment to have my imagination stretched and my spirit encouraged so greatly.

So, Saturday morn, as my sewing needle raced up ad down, I listened to TED speakers.
At one point, I took a break to grab another cup of coffee and check Facebook.
Britt  came to mind so I clicked over to her page and wrote,


And she immediately texted on the phone ….
(Note: Disregard the time at the top of the photo.
That is the time I took the screen shot … the time the text was sent was 10:30 am)

It is so unlike her to write something like this.
When I see her, I see bravery and courage and enthusiasm.
I see bust-the-doors-wide-open love and acceptance and comfort in her own skin.
I see someone who wants to influence the world for good.
I see someone who thinks out of the box … a creative thinker.
I knew this was … different.
I wrote her back ….
and I began to pray.
(10:32 am)

and more ….

She quickly shared her heart.
Britt is ever searching for real people … honest, open, authentic people …
sharing without pretense or selfish motivation.
When she first texted, she was probably still getting a feel of the room of women.
At that point, she felt intimidated.
My impression was that she saw successful businesswomen …
but her reason for being there was to learn how to be
to be a woman who is successful in her business ; two completely different things.
There was a disconnect.
No matter who the women really were that filled that room …
she felt … small.
(10:45 am)

I know that feeling.
I know what it’s like to be in a room filled with mall-clothed women
while wearing clothes that are intentionally not-mall clothes.
And the difference isn’t just external.
Britt and I are wired similarly.
(11:15 am)

I ask her a few questions and
offered her encouragement.
(11:15 am)


Soon …. she wrote back…

(11:47 am)


Yay!! I was so excited! She found her!!
I kept praying.

I break for lunch and then come back to the machine.
I’m giving Joy updates through the morn
because she doesn’t see God work.
I want to share my experiences with her.
I tear up as I tell her … because I am so grateful
to have a chance to pray for others
and encourage them.
I adore Britt … as does Joy.
I continue to sew and watch TED talks.
She texts me and says …
(1:17 pm)


I hadn’t mentioned TED to Britt …
but as I received her text, I had been watching another TED speaker,
Brene’ Brown, talk about vulnerability and courage and their connection with shame.

(I would love to be like Brene’ Brown when I grow up.
It would be so cool to be a researcher/story teller …
who seeks to uncover motivations!
I want to know why we do what we do!!
THAT would be a job that where my analytical, compare-and-contrast nature
would be embraced! I wouldn’t have to worry about someone saying to me,
“I think you over-analyze.” psh.)

And I teared up AGAIN.
Britt and I have never discussed TED talks.
But, TED is composed of people
who are, at least proverbially, not “mall-clothed” people.
And TED talks come from people who think outside the box.
People who are honest, open, authentic people …
sharing without pretense or selfish motivation.
TED people want to change the world for good.


God is so faithful.
No matter what the situation looks like,
there is always a nugget of beauty
tucked away somewhere. I look for it.
I search for it until I find it.
And in encouraging Britt, she found one, as well.


So, this morning, on Day 2 of 10 days of Thanksgiving …
I am thankful … for tapestry.
I am thankful that God will weave together for me experiences that are so tender and sweet.
While I’m praying, I think of someone … I reach out and find that
the person needed some encouragement.
I pray and God works ..
and then I am privy to see more of the tapestry …
the backside, even, of His works.
While I am involved in some activity  – watching TED talks –
this person that I am praying for is touching a life of someone who
has been a part of that same activity.
I am thankful.
I absolutely do not understand it …
but I see it happen day after day …
I am loved by a God who sees all and knows all.
How can this be?
I do not know.
But … I am incredibly overwhelmed with gratitude.
Yes, I am thankful.


As I get ready to touch the “Publish” icon …
God reminds me that Britt sent me notes from the morning conference.
I feel prompted to read them before I share this post.
I go to my email and open two documents
from two different talks
that Britt listened to on Saturday morning.
She and I still have not talked since our text exchange.
So, we haven’t discussed a single one of the 1,100+ TED talks videos.
She doesn’t know that Brene’ Brown is my hero.

The last line from her notes from Saturday morning reads:
“references look these up:
book “Daring Greatly” Brene Brown (share her ted talk)”

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