Day 4 : Thankful for Summer, Swimming & Sun

I wasn’t built to be a northern girl. I stiffen and get still in the winter. I love the lush, humid summers here in the south. They keep me supple and moving.

During these 10 days of Thanks,
I have shown gratitude for our country,
marveled at God’s activity in my life
and belly-laughed at myself.
I’m so ready to reminisce …

I’ve written before (here) about how much I love our neighborhood with our sidewalks and street lights, our pool and neighbors, but there should AT LEAST be an annual, public thank you for such a grand thing.

Yes, I DO carry my little amber “give thanks” glass block in my purse. And, yes, I pull it out throughout the year and take photos with it in the foreground … because that I am thankful for … and I want to remember them.

Remember Frederick (here)? He collects words and thoughts for winter … I collect photos that remind me to “give thanks.”

I am thankful for “BIGGEST SPLASH” contests ….

and happy children who are proud of finding dimes in a game of coin toss on July 4th

and underwater tea parties.

I’m thankful for our kids “Freedom Parade”  that circles our block at least TWO wonderful times …

and for small children who are second and third generations growing up in this fantastic community.

I’m thankful for “Wet T-Shirt” contests that aren’t at all what you would expect from the name.

They’re about relay racing and moving a t-shirt from one member to the next until a winning team emerges in the race.

There is always some single item of food that makes me want seconds and thirds.
This year, THIS was it! Of course, it’s a Pampered Chef recipe!

Community is found here … from sun up to sun down …
through the night and through the years.

Before dusk, pyrotechnics begin to surface.

July 4th often includes some risky-looking fireworks

… that work their way into some pretty awesome displays before the explosions climax and all the sparkling fizzles

I am thankful for summer, swimming and sun …
and for the richness I find here …
in the physical attributes of our neighborhood
and the community of friendships, as well.

Would you join me on this last week before Thanksgiving?
Take time to reflect on your blessings,
big and small
obvious and hidden.
We all have them.

3 thoughts on “Day 4 : Thankful for Summer, Swimming & Sun

  1. I’ve been participating in the “I am Thankful for…” for on FB each day in November! It is something that I consciously do every day, sometimes several times a day because Rich and I are enjoying such a perfect time of life that it almost makes us feel guilty. We take not one minute of it for granted. I love your little glass block and will be looking for something similar, a small token with a message, to incorporate into some of my photos as we travel.


    1. You really are at a special place. In the best way, I am at least slightly jealous.
      And I am sure that you can find something small and lovely
      that will be a perfect addition to your photos 😀
      Blessings, peace and {{hugs}}!
      As always, thanks for dropping by!


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