Day 6 : Thankful for Color

Scientists say that many animals, like dogs and bulls,  see the world
mostly void of color.

Try to imagine
how much LESS visually rich
life would be
if we lived in a world of millions of shades of


Think of autumn without amber, olive and rust,
a rainbow without indigo and red
and a lush summer forest … without thousands of depths of green.

It feels as though … that would almost be a tragedy.

But, if it was all we had ever known …. it would not feel like a loss.

But, God DIDN’T create the world this way … void of garnet, vermillion and sunshine yellow,
rather He filled it with glorious, deep, rich color.

And for that,
I am so grateful.

I am grateful for fields of gold at the summer’s end …

for sunsets that fill the sky
with violet, plum and orange …

… for fungus intricate in patterns
that ripple in color …


the lush greens and browns of August …

and yes ….
for hundreds of shades of gray, as well.

I am incredibly grateful
for color
vibrant and varied,
rich and intense
and that God gave me ability to see it
in all of its beautiful glory.

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