Day Last : Thankful for Relationships Most

It has been a year since Joy and I made the trek across our state to visit my parent’s home for Thanksgiving.
My big kids didn’t make the visit with us. It will be nice to spend this year in their presence.
Life feels rattled and unbalanced when Thanksgiving or Christmas pass
and there isn’t some sort of physical contact with those closest to us.
It’s been a year since we crawled on my dad’s pontoon boat and floated our way across Lake Seminole.
Joy is taller, more mature and at least slightly more happy, I believe.
Not every report card has been lined with A’s & B’s this year,
but it’s been quite a while since the difficulty of school, life and family relationships
have made her speak of deep sadness.
For this I am grateful.
My daddy has made it a full year with two scopes that have said, “Cancer free,”
and I am thankful. Bladder cancer gave us a scare not too many years ago.
We mustn’t take our health or this brief jaunt on earth for granted. Last year’s Thanksgiving included a visit from my brother and his family.
In these busy days of coming and going, it was such a treat to enjoy him,
spend time with his wife and visit with his children.
I’m ever grateful for those hours of visiting that come too seldom.Like my dad, my mom’s health is still vibrant. She takes a spill from time to time
but at this point, seems to be fairly unbreakable. It’s always a treat to be in her kitchen,
sit by her side and catch up on life.
I am so thankful for a sweet, gentle mama
who modeled being an excellent wife and mother.And last year’s visit to my folks house included Stone’s presence.
I miss him so …
The months were fleeting … the memories so sweet.
I miss his companionship, his love for the outdoors and movement,
his dedication as a father and daring sense of adventure.
As the almost thirty years before our reunion,
he will always remain a friend in my heart.
I am thankful that he allowed me into his life for a brief sliver of time.As Thanksgiving draws near, I reflect on the blessings of family and friendship.
In this world of busy,
on this globe filled with things … covered with stuff,
it is the relationships that matter.
“Getting more” is not important.
“Doing more” is not paramount.
“Being more” is not primary.
The “more” that is principal
is “loving more.”
It isn’t being right that fosters relationships,
it being able to admit we are wrong
and forgive others when they are
that establishes authenticity.
It isn’t being in control that builds friendships,
it is understanding that there are things we cannot control in others
and accepting them “as is”
that increases trust and intensifies bonds.
It isn’t our sameness that makes life rich,
it is the differences that create the wonderfully intricate,
fantastically special tie that binds us one-to-another.
For these relationships … these ties … these friendships
I am most grateful.
I am thankful for relationships that endure
and for the influence and memories
of those that are fleeting.
I am blessed.

May your Thanksgiving holiday be filled with the richness
of family and friends.
Push aside the “stuff” and the “doing” and love on people this holiday season.
Invest in relationships. Give without expecting return.
Be willing to be open, honest and wrong.
Forgive offenses. Embrace differences. Intentionally give up control.
And have enjoy a blessed, rich and fabulous Thanksgiving holiday.


4 thoughts on “Day Last : Thankful for Relationships Most

  1. May I quote this sentence from today’s beautiful post on my FB days of Thankful For… “I am thankful for relationships that endure
    and for the influence and memories
    of those that are fleeting.” attributing it to a link to your blog of course. Such a succinctly powerful statement that encapsulates all my feelings about relationships: old and new, long or brief, happy or sad.


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