Makes Me Happy Monday: No Reception

My parents home is about six hours from ours.
We travel west on I-20, turn and cross Lake Oconee then skirt around Macon.
We take 75 south then cut across the state in a south-westerly fashion.
You must drive through their county seat of 12,000 and then twenty-five minutes outside of town
to get to their little community.

Recovery is past the acres and acres of tomato farms,
past the little turtle pond
that is really just an ever-filled ditch where dozens of turtles sun and sleep,
and past the fenced pasture where the white horse used to graze.
After the turn off Hwy 97, there is a three and a half mile descent
to the “bottom” where the lake lies flat and still.

My folks home is on a slough. There is no wide, open water that gets rough and choppy when a storm rolls in.
There are no boats whizzing by to leave a tall wake.

We hear plenty of Kingfishers and Cardinal chirps. There is the occasional bullfrog call  as night softly settles in.
And on Sunday afternoon without fail, a volunteer fireman heads over to the fire station to whirr the sirens as a test.
For the most part, the lake is placid, peaceful and tranquil.

Since the lake is in a low-lying area,  cell phone reception is spotty.
My folks have a tin roof on their home … which makes Verizon reception inside the house
nearly impossible.
This is a common sight when using the phone. This is an Instagram screen shot!

Once or twice a day, we walk out on the deck or out on the dock, hold our phones up to the sky
and try to position ourselves in a way to receive any texts that haven’t yet come in.

Once or twice a day, connecting to the outside world
is a big break from what life generally looks like for us.
And for that break, I am very grateful.

We were only able to spend a day or so with my folks …
but it was grand.
We were still … and relaxed … and mostly disconnected.

It has been years since we have all been together. Of late, trips to the lake have only included Joy and I, but this trip, all three kids joined me. Add to the mix, my brother and his wife and their beautiful children … and the visit was perfect. Arguing and teasing were pleasantly absent on this trip.  We rested and fellowshipped. We talked and strolled. We simply enjoyed each other without distractions from the outside.

Usually, I would say that lack of phone reception is frustrating …
but on this Monday after Thanksgiving
I reflect on the fact that “no reception” made me very happy.

What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morning?


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