A HalloWedding

I am drawn to people who are honest, open and real.
Paula is just.about as honest and open as they come.

You don’t ever have to wonder what Paula’s thinking,
because, chances are, she’s already told you.

She has an ability to speak with brutal honesty
about even the most difficult topic
without crushing your spirit …
unless, of course, she WANTS to crush your spirit.
If she WANTS to injure, prepare to be lanced.
But, she is not mean-spirited, critical or malicious.
She is open, observant and kind.
Paula is my hero.
I asked her not too long ago if she is ever afraid.
She said “No.”
And, for some reason, I believe her.

I carry fear in my back pocket … so as not to be out of reach. I can quickly pull it out to keep me from saying what I really think or feel. Because, I don’t want to be rejected. Others have called it wisdom. But, this trick is not wisdom. It is a weakness. It is not bravery. It is cowardice. I know that fear is not from God,  but I haven’t yet pinpointed all the areas that it has laid hold. And it only controls me in a few areas, but in those arenas, fear has great power. Because, I allow it to do so.

Paula lives in a different place.

Paula is only a few years younger than me. I know that she was engaged at least once, but she has never married …
until now.
On Halloween, she married her best friend.

She and I went to Columbia, SC last year to take some photos. It was then that she told me about the start of her friendship with Will. They had some mutual friends on Facebook. Will noticed a few of Paula’s comments – snarky and sarcastic, I would expect – and he was intrigued. He asked to be her friend, inbox messaged her and their friendship began. As I listened to her to share the details of the first chapter, I was so excited for her. You see, she’s not your average girl. She has an affinity for horror and loves Halloween. She’s a passionate Star Trek and Disney lover and she LOVES movies and some video games.

As I have been privy to the writing of their story, it has been so encouraging to hear her smitten stories of Will. They are so well matched.  A sci-fi and horror enthusiast, too, he loves superheros and Marvel comics. Will is a man of few words and he’s not highly excitable. Paula fills the silence and is all over the place with energy. He affectionately calls her “Squirrel.” They balance each other well. I don’t believe I’ve heard of a fight yet.

Their wedding … naturally … was held on Halloween.

Paula planned and designed the wedding
with Will’s elbow grease to help.
Their cake was mounted atop this coffin …
a hand-crafted wedding gift from a friend.

Everything from the guest book ….

to the bubble bottles
fit the occasion.

Spiders in webs ….

bats …..

and ravens fit the theme.

In the most unusual way,
the entire night was fittingly beautiful
for a wedding.

Most guests came dressed in costume.
After removing her dark purple, velour wedding gown,
Paula turned into Super Girl and Will became Thor for the reception.

With their car waiting outside
to whisk them away into the dark night,
we enjoyed a reception while talking and dining on delicious treats.

Paula and Will give me hope. Paula stayed true to herself. She waited longer than “average” to find a suitable mate. And her patience was rewarded. Like Della and Jeff,  Paula and Will have a foundation of friendship and common interests that their marriage is based upon. I know that there are women who look at married men and think, “I wish he was mine.” I have never done this … BUT, I can say that I look at certain marriages and pine for a relationship that is similar. Only God knows and time will tell if I am ever to be blessed with such a friendship, but I certainly consider myself blessed to see examples of well-fitted couples.

Paula, thank you for being my friend. It was a gift to be able to watch you begin this wonderful adventure with Will! Thank you for being true to yourself. Without even being aware of it, you give me courage to do the same. You bless me, friend.

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