Steampunk visits Super Girl

Paula and Will  set the date for the wedding months and months before Halloween. I had plenty of time to figure out my costume. To be honest, I was a little bit stressed over the situation. I knew Paula would be Super Girl and Will would be Thor. This was w.a.y outside my personal comfort-zone.  I love to get dressed up, but I am not into costumes. And so many “store-bought” costumes are a tad too vixen for me. I didn’t want to dress like the bunch of grapes from Fruit of the Loom, the Tin Man from Wizard of Oz or Sarah Palin. Trying to figure out who I would be became very stressful …

… and skipping Paula’s wedding was not an option.

Then one afternoon, Paula gave me release. I whined publicly on her Facebook page that I was struggling with figuring out how should I dress for her Halloween event! She responded that I didn’t have to “BE” somebody, I could just …. dress up! *ah* Freedom! I had no problem deciding
that I would choose to dress in a steampunk outfit.

Steampunk is a genre of science fiction that typically features steam-powered machinery, and might be best set to model Victorian times with splashes of wild west leather, pirate styling fantasy and ancient circus whimsy.  It is sometimes called “retro-futuristic.” Steampunk has a mysterious undertone, mostly without the feel of goth or evil. Common steampunk clothing include boots, corsets, vests and jackets, bustles, and ruffled shirts. Tailoring and details are important. Most clothing would be in rich, natural tones made from natural fabrics like cotton or linen. Accessories have an antique feel and include clocks, gears, chains, compasses, goggles and pocket watches.  Look HERE on Google’s Images page to have a visual understanding.

Once I started brainstorming ideas, I knew that I had almost everything that I would need
right in my own closet.

The week before the wedding, I pulled out all of the clothing that I thought might fit the theme and began mixing and matching until I found the right combination of pieces.

I knew that I wanted a hat and that it might be difficult to find. One afternoon, I felt a pressing sense of urgency
that I should go to Goodwill and search the hats

There must have been a total of 15-20 straw hats in the store ….


and one black felt hat that was perfect.


I left the store with a hat (3.49, I think?) and a pair of very thick, old glasses (.99).

I used an old belt and crafting lace to make a collar. I cut the fingers out of a pair of long, leather gloves that my mom once owned and pulled the lenses out of the glasses. This past summer, I dried some small roses  from a beautiful little summer bouquet. I added those to the hat with some ribbon,  found bird feathers a clock face and clock hand.

Dressing in a style that was comfortable for me made the evening all the more enjoyable.
It was so neat to watch God, AGAIN,
inspire me, guide me and give me the things that I needed
at a price that I could afford (less than $5.00 for the entire outfit!)
to allow me to be a part of something
that I didn’t want to miss.
He moves me and overwhelms me ….


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