Makes Me Happy Monday : Elizabeth’s Driveway View

I spent the weekend with my friend Elizabeth
and was privy to see what Sarah Beth’s grandma did with my wedding dress.
I was able to spend time in beautiful downtown Madison
remembering the spring when I spent three days there on the BRAG Spring Tune up bike event,
riding the beautiful, gently rolling back roads of the county.
And I was able to help Elizabeth with another art show 
and make some wonderful new friends in the process ….
a midwife who is a grand seamstress, a stuntman who plays with fire for a living,
a very talented wood artisan whose work looks ceramic and a beach-loving, shell-collecting  jeweler
just to name a few. 
The weekend was truly splendid.

As I drove away yesterday afternoon
I was struck by the beauty at the end of Elizabeth’s drive.


Her drive is flanked by fields with a few horses.
Friendly, mild-mannered and curious, they are so beautiful.

Elizabeth has a sweet protector-of-the-horses, Cookie, who is part  Great Pyrenees.

Cookie - part Great Pyrenees

Each time Elizabeth leaves her home, she rolls down the drive past the grand Guardian.
Herding rules her instincts.
She sits out by the drive most.of.the.time to keep an eye on the horses …
Cookie by the drive

And at the end of the drive, just across the street
beside a handful of long-standing mailboxes ….

Oak on Broughton Road

is a tremendous oak with strong, hefty branches
and a wide, substantial base.

I wonder if …
when she turns left to go towards town
… she doesn’t even see the tree any more?
She’s been on this property for …. 25+ years, I would guess.
That oak sprouted eternities before she was born.
He stands there with arms outstretched … reaching skyward
towards blue expanse, cloud texture and the occasional lilting hawk …
week after week … season after season.

She has never driven to the end of the drive and found the tree NOT there.

His beauty struck me as pulled away last evening.

We …. people … tend to look past or look over or look around
the things that are common in our lives.
Our brains can only acknowledge so much stimulation
and so we filter the static.

But … what if the static is beautiful?
I don’t want to miss it!
I don’t want to muffle the charming.
I don’t want to become numb to the beauty around me.
No matter where I live,
no matter who lives with me,
no matter my surroundings or my situation,
I want to  …
I  ::pray::  to
live with
and spend my life soaking in the rich and wonderful.
I pray I would see the beauty
in the tiny and the grand.
I pray that I would remain keenly aware of the daily charming around me.
And when I’m out-and-about,
that I would not be so busy in the process of the to-and-fro travel
that I miss the magnificence of the sights and experiences
along the way.

Again …. I want to remember …. Life is a journey … not a destination.

Life is a journey ... not a destination. - Emmerson

3 thoughts on “Makes Me Happy Monday : Elizabeth’s Driveway View

  1. We have lovingly called her “Grandmother Willow” since Sarah Beth was a baby…. I have dozens of pictures of the wonderful old tree, in every season. I even have a picture of a 12 foot alligator hanging from one of the mighty branches! Oh, the things that tree must have seen! In fact, often when we give directions, we use it as our marker…. She is Beautiful and loved….thanks for reminding me!


    1. Ya know, Elizabeth, I’m not surprised that you say you’re aware of her presence. Our spirits seem moved in similar ways. I’d love to see some of those photos one day – ESPECIALLY the one with the gator. Oh my! Do you know the story behind his adorning the tree?


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