Blossoming is a Risk


Each new project of late
is some self-expression
of where I am
and something I am entering, experiencing or exiting.


This project is one that started a while back
and then … it crashed.
But, I loved the dandelions … flowers considered “weeds” by some
and beautifully decorative yard ornaments to others.

I set aside the panel with the blossoms that I liked and let it wait for me for a bit.
Recently, I picked it back up and cut down the first project.
I tossed the part that was less than my vision,
and then prepared a more fitting presentation board.


As I worked,  I was reminded how this SHOULD work in our lives … this choosing to keep the good
and tossing the bad.
But many of us, myself included, try to hold onto the things that
once looked like a perfect match or needful as a means to an end … only to find that, today they are
ill-fitted, mismatched, out of style or simply out grown.
We people are always changing and always growing.
We move, lose weight, have children, begin a new hobby, change jobs, make new friendships,
get married, change churches, lose a parent, form allergies and break habits.
When these things happen, there must be adjustment.
We must make new friends, buy new clothes, change our bedtimes, learn new coping skills, form new habits, move out of our comfort zones and stretch our horizons.
If we DON’T make adjustments, we feel pain.
We can’t gain weight without buying new clothes … or we will be uncomfortable.
We can’t get married and continue to live our lives exactly as we did before being united … or we will experience discomfort.
We can’t form a new allergy and not make an eating or lifestyle adjustment …. or we will live in pain.

What changes have you refused to make ….  leaving you in pain …
especially those that are rooted in areas that you are just too fearful to look?
It’s a tough thing to explore.

But, we make the choices.
We experience the pain.
We can only control our own lives – not those of others.
What will we do to stop the cycle?
First … we must identify the source of the pain.

It is a risk to look.
But, sometimes the risk to stay tight in a bud
is greater than the risk that it takes
to blossom.

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