Choosing to Quilt and Throw Glitter

My new parakeet birdcage cover!!

After finishing the birdcage cover,
I had this stack of “trash” …. that I just didn’t want to toss.
It just l.o.o.k.e.d inspiring and visually stimulating laying there on the table.


I loved the rectangles and lines I saw in the fabric remnants
and the brass hardware of the grommets …
and I love layering, thread and collage.

I cut the grommets from the end of my scraps
and punched squares from scrapbooking paper to create individual frames for the grommets.
Then  I lined them up on two square 12 x 12 canvas squares that had been painted and
given a tissue paper layer as a background.

My paper "frames" for the grommets

I eventually sewed each grommet in place with floss
to create two individual but coordinating pieces of art work ….

The strip of material that was between the grommets
was used to create a woven fabric design …

that I sewed together …

and stitched to two coordinating canvas bases.

My Mama’s antique buttons offered me two perfect embellishments.

Of all of the artwork I have ever created ….

I think these four pieces are my favorite creations … ever.
If I only had an embroidery machine,
I would add a word to each … like
or “twirl.”

Like Jesus spoke in parables, paralleling the spiritual and physical worlds, God convicts and teaches me through similar daily events.

Because, this is the beauty of life, isn’t it?
We take what we have … scraps and remnants …
things we come across and stumble upon
and we use them to create our external and our internal environment.
As we explore the world,
we can choose how to live as we travel … in peace or angry and full of turmoil.
Our experiences are woven into the exquisite quilted, woven fabric
that is our life.
We can blame others for our pains, spit unhappiness on those we touch and live growling while nobody is looking ….
or we can spin and twirl, leap and throw glitter
and make the intentional, conscious decision to live a joyful, buoyant, abundant life.
Both take energy.
But one is exhausting
and the other rejuvenating!
I choose the latter.


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