Journeys with Questions and Answers

I’ve written before about  the influence of  Alison Kraus on my life through her song “Gravity.”
Her song .. and her words … are never far from my heart.
The smallest thought, word or action
can bring the tune and those haunting lines back to the forefront.
Her song has lived there now for several years.
In the song she lilts this beautiful line,
“all the answers that I started with
turned out questions in the end”

When I was younger, I thought I had all the answers …. to at least SOME things.
The older I become, the more I realize …. I know
The things that I know that I know that I know ….
include facts like:
We have very, very little control over our lives.
We have even less control over our children … even when it comes to protecting them from harm or injury.
The sun will come up tomorrow … but we may not be here to watch it.
People aren’t always as they appear.
We should love them anyway – whether we agree with them or not.
Loving people is an active doing, not just a saying.
Loving people requires boundaries – to protect and keep ourselves healthy and safe.

For ages, Glory has collected quotes. They were written all over her walls here in our home.
She used to have a little book that she wrote down phrases and quotes.
Today, she probably uses Pinterest to save wonderful thoughts, like many of us.
Recently, she shared a gorgeous quote to me.
I asked her to text it to me.

Text from Glory

When I read it,
I immediately knew what to do with it.

Glue ... ready

This print of a watercolor punched tin lamp from an old book that I dismantled needed to be used for something wonderful.

Glue.... ready

With a handful of carefully chosen ephemera,
I layered and collaged ….


laid out words and painted.


I love the thought … the quote …
because it is so true.
When we are stretched beyond our limits,
we find ourselves relying on stability outside ourselves …
which is precisely what God wants.
When we hurt, we turn to “medication” to comfort ourselves.
We can medicate through food, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, sex,
pornography, escaping reality (movies/books/video games),
pleasing others, workaholism, perfectionism, performance …
and the list goes on and on.
God wants us to turn to Him when we hurt
not try to fix it ourselves or “try harder” or “do better.”
And when we do turn to Him
and let Him soothe our hurts, heal our wounds, calm our hearts, direct our steps forward
we find a healing that comforts like no other.

And so, yes, the very best journeys
answer questions that we didn’t even think to ask in the beginning.
Those journeys are filled with surprise, surrender and stretching.
May ever day have at least a little.bit.of.journey within.

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