Merry Christmas!

My Sweet Little Christmas Tree

It will be quiet here today. Our little tree bears witness that presents have all been shared.
My parents have come and gone.  My big kids may or may not visit again. My littlest will be away.
It is drizzly outside with a chill in the air. It will be a still, quiet, absolutely beautiful day.
I pray that you enjoy the day.
Whether little ones wake your early with excitement of Santa’s visit,
your home is scattered with teens and relatives from all over
or you spend your time still and quiet like me,
may you remember that
He came for us all.

Words from Jami Smith as she introduces a poem that is written by Joshua Banner.
“Christmas is inclusive.
Christmas is Jesus loving all of us … not just some of us.
Not just those of us who seem spiritual or go to church ..
seem moral or look like we have our act together ..
those of us who think we’re clean
or have money in the bank
or send our kids to good schools.
I think sometimes we think that. … well .. maybe we don’t think we really think it,
(I love the next line … )
but deep down within us   . . .    we  live  from  it.  
No … unto us a born a child …
not just some of us
but ALL of us.”


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