Makes Me Happy Monday : A kitten

These girls makes me smile.


Glory’s awesome room-mate, Elaine, found a tiny kitty in a dumpster behind her work. She works in an industrial area without housing around. It doesn’t seem logical that someone snuck back there to put a kitten in the dumpster. We think the mama might have jumped in and the bolted when she heard noise … leaving the babe behind.


No matter what happened, this tiny one was saved from a feral, scrounging, overly-reproductive, wandering life.

Elaine kept her for several days and did most of the dirty work.
She got worm meds for her tummy and ointment to clear up the gunky-eye-sickness.
She loved on the kitty and taught her to eat from a bowl.

Since Glory and Elaine aren’t home often
and there are two other pets in the house (a small husky and sweet Brier),
they had to leave the kitten in the bathroom several hours at a time.
Since Joy is home from school on Christmas break, we offered to help out with the people-training of this sweet little one.

And she has really come around. She cried “mews” often when we first brought her over
(thus the open mid-cry mouth below ) …


but, now she’s a little more quiet and
much more rambunctious, comfortable
and friendly.


We found a home for her through Facebook. The funny thing is that we have given a cat to this family before – years and years and years ago. The kitten is going to my friend Debra’s daughter, Heather. They live in Warner Robins and Zola will be making the trek on Wednesday.


It has been such a joy to have this sweet feline here.
Joy has had a chance to be a mommy for a bit and get to love on a kitty
(she’s been asking for one of her own for …. months or more … and I just don’t think that Smudge needs the competition).
Justine and Glory will probably come by for a good-bye visit and hug tomorrow.

Soon, we will miss the noise and excitement that a kitten brings.
But, today, this tiny energetic love
makes us very happy.

What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morning?

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