I want to be a Cheerleader

I want to be a  real-life *shakes pom-poms and jumps in the air* sold-out cheerleader!
Life is just tough sometimes … discouraging … frustrating … confusing.
This morning, Glory called for our mid-morning catch-up chat.  She brightens my days, my life, my world.
If only I could influence her the way that she does me!
With her chipper, sunshine-y voice beaming through the phone into my world, she says,
“Good morning! HoW aRe y0u?”
Very out of character, I sigh and respond, “Do you really want to know?”
I can feel her caution. “Uhm. Maybe I don’t?”
But, it’s life …. isn’t it …. to run into snags and struggles.
And there are a few people that we can let in to those tender spots and those dark places and tell the truth.
Glory knows. Sweet Glory

I share just a minute and say, “Sometimes, I just feel like I need a cheerleader.”
And she’s almost offended. “I AM YOUR CHEERLEADER!!”
And she is.
“I know! That’s what I meant!”
We talk through this mess and she says
with her sweet chirpy voice, “You can do it, Mom!”

As her words spilled forth, I remembered the commercial.

I have been one to RARELY watch television,
but lately, I find myself sitting and working on projects
and after the room has been quiet for long enough,
I turn on the tv.
I listen more than I watch.

And I am finding God using Kelly Ripa’s sweet voice to encourage me.

As Glory and I chat, I search Youtube and play – over the phone – the Colgate commercial.
The commercial is about toothpaste …
but I find myself hearing Kelly Ripa’s voice in situations
that don’t involve eating healthy, fresh breath or whiter teeth.

Three times
in thirty seconds
Kelly Ripa says
“You can do it.”
I LOVE it!

We all need cheerleaders.
We need people
who don’t get angry if we don’t do it “their way” …
who allow us to be ourselves without being embarrassed simply by association ….
who let us make mistakes and don’t turn their backs on us because we aren’t through growing ….
who offer unconditional love even if we hurt them on occasion …
who ask for forgiveness with a humble heart because it keeps communication open, moving and healthy ….
who support us even when our idea sounds crazy and unattainable.
We all need friends and cheerleaders
who put each others feelings and emotions
ahead of our own.

We can’t be this kind of cheerleader for ALL people …
but each of us has a group of people
who is included in this type circle.

I want to be this kind of person.
I want to be the one who says, “You can do it!”
And …. more importantly ….
I want the person I am speaking to
because I believe in them.
My thoughts, expressions and actions
have shown that my words are not empty.
I want to be a cheerleader.

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