God of mercy

I consistently go to bed  …. between 8:30 and 9:00. Joy and I are in bed lights out.
I’m in bed early and up early, too …. no later than 6:00 am.
Sleep is too important to not take advantage of its healing, rejuvenating properties.

But, last night, I set my mind to FINISH a video project that I have been working on for a friend ….
working on for months.
When I finally finished it, I was a little bit excited.
It was finishing on my Mac and I waited. Then I uploaded it to Vimeo … and waited.
Each process takes a good 15-45 minutes of processing.
I was so thrilled to finally “turn it over” to my friend.

My excitement had a catalyst jump-start.
Just before bedtime, Glory texted and said,
“Hey. Remember that video that you said we could film at your house for class?
Uhm. Just got a text that we’re filming tomorrow at 2:30. Is that ok?”


This is what my hall looks like.

at the moment

James moved out a LONG time ago. But … he didn’t take ALL of his stuff.
I’ve put off completely cleaning up his room
because there are so many other projects going on.
But ….
Masters week is near.
I will have company.
I have to get this messy-bedroom-stuff behind me.
So …. I pulled his stuff out and boxed it up
and I moved everything out of the room to clean the floors.

No wonder I had an adrenalin rush last night – thinking about all that needs to be done today
accompanied by the thrill of finishing the video for my friend.

And that adrenalin rush
kept me wide away until around 2:00 a.m.

So, at 7:15 I woke up with a bang.
7:15 is the time Joy’s dependable morning ride arrives
and the ride is faithfully prompt.

I threw back the covers and rushed to the kitchen
and just basked in thankfulness …
praying as I quickly made breakfast and lunch.

I’m thankful that God has taught me to prepare ahead.
I brew coffee ahead in the afternoon and have it in the refrigerator cold for the morning.

morning prep work


I throw coffee and creamer and frozen milk cubes into a personal blender and
hand a delicious homemade frappuccino – with a dabbled squirt of caramel sauce on top – to Joy with a vitamin.
The beverage is mostly milk and creamer …. with a splash of coffee.
She became accustomed to a Starbucks drink or a Monster many mornings when she rode with another carpool.
I think this is a fairly good alternative that is not as expensive and has MUCH less caffeine.
And she’s NEVER been a breakfast person anyway …. so this is works well.


breakfast yummy


And I make lunch foods ahead of time.
I make homemade pimento cheese or chicken or tuna salad.
Joy bagged fresh broccoli and some ranch last night.
I threw in a granola bar and some grapes and her grand Batman lunchbag was packed lickity-split.


homemade pimento cheese

As I created breakfast and lunch and handed them over to my girl
in less than five minutes,
I just kept thanking God for His mercies.

He helps me plan and prepare ahead.
He cleans up behind me.
He makes up for my shortcomings.
He graciously forgives me when I fail.

And when I run behind …
He offers me extra sleep
that I might still be able to pull off what I need to do
filling in any gaps that I may very well have created on my own.

I yearn to offer others these mercies ….
forgiveness, help, and grace.
He sets such a good example for us.

Thank you, Lord! You’re so awe.some!



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