Travis and Paradox

I have been a scrapbooker and card creator for ages.
I have been a mixed media artist and collage builder since …. at least high school.
I love paper and creating with it.

greeting cards (including the far right with leaves on rust paper that is a design by Julie Ebersole

When I was in school learning about Photoshop a few years ago,
I found myself constantly trying to take the different actions that a computer program functions
and figure out how that would look in the real world … with paper and a photo.
I remember when masking was explained in Photoshop.
I raised my hand and asked,
“This would be like creating a hole in a sheet of paper
and putting it on top of a photograph
so only part of the photo was revealed
but the photo itself is still unaltered underneath, right?”

If I could picture a physical example
of what was being done with my digital image,
I could get it.

Back many months ago, my friend Travis recited a poem that he had written
and I offered to film him and use it to create a video.

I had grandiose ideas of how I wanted the video to look.
Travis Thomas

I choose to shoot with my Cybershots because I have three and
could get several angles at once
with consistent quality from each camera.
Travis Thomas
I worked with that first footage for hours upon hours.
I had to convert my footage and tried several video editing software programs.
I couldn’t figure out how to do exactly what I wanted to do.
I became frustrated … to tears at one point.
I wanted so much to do something absolutely awesome
with this great poem
for my dear friend …Travis Thomasand I felt powerless.
To intensify my frustration,
we filmed BEFORE he went overseas for a MONTH LONG mission trip …
and upon his return ….
I still wasn’t finished.
Travis Thomas
After hours and days of working with our first footage …..
putting it down and picking it back up ….
I knew I needed to reshoot and be a better director and
I needed higher quality resolution on my footage.

So, we headed back for a retake.

Travis ThomasWith the new footage,
I still found myself frustrated …
Travis improved in many areas.
He looked at the camera with more consistency,
his intro was much more easy to edit
and he spoke with more authority …
but … I still couldn’t “put on (digital) paper” the idea in my head.

I kept thinking, “if this was just a hand-on project with paper
I could do it!”
I finally told him I was going to ditch the “big” idea and just put together what I had.
He said, “sometimes simple is better.”
That felt like a release from God.

And simple seems to have worked.
Here is Travis offering an introduction to and a recitation of his poem Paradox.

I also talked about Travis here. 
I love that he’s a thinker. He digs deep to uncover. He wants to understand.
He has a terrible sense of direction, struggles with math and
loves to compare and contrast …. our minds seem to process in a similar fashion.
After watching the video, Travis offered an observation.
Text from Travis


This made me laugh!
I paid very close attention to many of the aspects of the video,
but hadn’t noticed the wording on his shirt!

And my first thought was
“How appropriate! This is just another paradox!”
There he stood … wearing the clothing of sin …
fully human … a man who fails daily.
You and I can see his flaws and shortcomings ….
We are keenly aware … because we have so many of our own.
But ….  when God sees Travis, God sees a man clothed in righteousness.
He sees a man who is forgiven …
He sees a man sans sin.

I love how God is constantly showing me parallels.
There is an ongoing revealing … an ever-present conversation
Looking for parallels in the spiritual physical world .... of God showing me
His spiritual principles
in our physical world.

Travis, thanks for being my friend.
Thanks for challenging me to think.
Thanks for being patient with me as I took many-months-more-than-appropriate
to put together something that, in the end,
was much better being left “simple.”


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