The Concentric Circles of Life

I wrote yesterday about concentric circles
painted in acrylic and
inspired by Jane LaFazio’s beautiful work.

In the same way that almost every photo that I see seems to lilt a song or melody,

many pieces of artwork, too, have their own energy or emotion.
They tell a story.
I can’t speak for other artists, but I can at least say that
I want my pieces to have a message … to be valuable. 

Matthew 12:36 states
“But I tell you that everyone will have to give account on the day of judgment for every empty word they have spoken.”
If God cares about our idle words,
then surely our idle messages are important, too.
I don’t want my artwork to be “idle” ….

Concentric Circles

As I painted, I thought about how relationships are represented by these circles.

Like Jesus spoke in parables, paralleling the spiritual and physical worlds, God convicts and teaches me through similar daily events.

Each circle has four different distinct sections.

Paint tape separates one section for another to keep lines clean and distinct.
Each of those four distinct sections has a pattern that is unlike any other on the canvas.
Each circle could represent a life …. distinctly separate from any other circle  …. with sections that are very individual.

Concentric Circles
Each circle nests inside another circle  … all part of one overall piece of art.

Concentric Circles

Some patterns come from familiar places …. trees, leaves, vines, scales, atoms, flowers, rocks, bones.
Concentric Circles

But  some … are not recognizable as familiar designs.
Concentric Circles
Like these varied, unique circles,
our lives have distinct segments with different rhythms.
Some portions are chaotic and messy … while others are soothing and calm.
Each of us live our lives
nested inside other lives ….
butted right up next to other’s chaos, serenity or whimsy.

Concentric Circles

And even if we try, it is absolutely impossible to live our lives
without touching …. overlapping e.v.e.n … into the space of others.

Final Painting - Nested Circles

Will all this closeness, shouldn’t we strive to do what we can to
bless the circles that touch ours?
Shouldn’t we do the best we can to make each section of our life – no matter how long or short ….
whether invited or unplanned ….
whether familiar or completely foreign ….
be as beautiful as we can
with the colors, brush and inspiration that we have to work with?

Final painting - circles ... concentric ... nested
There will be beautiful with the joy of song and expected pattern.
There will be cacophony with struggle and strife.
And there will be mistakes with pain, grief and tears

But, it all works together to create the beautiful symphony of life.
Live. Love. Give. Offer.
Dance. Support. Encourage. Look for the best in others.
Forgive. Make amends.  Embrace. Offer grace.
These are the things that I see in this painting.
Circles … that touch … that overlap …
that together
create a piece of art
that represents how our lives operate …
one beside another ….. one inside the other  …. nested and concentric.


4 thoughts on “The Concentric Circles of Life

  1. Karmen,

    The c.r.a.z.y thing was
    that it didn’t take patience at all …
    not in the true sense of the word.
    I didn’t get frustrated or want to quit.
    The only thing it took was time.
    I went to bed sad that I had to stop and put the paint brush down
    and I got up so excited to begin again.
    It was a JOY to create.

    And thanks for the compliment 😀



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