Makes Me Happy Monday : Spring Break Edition

For nine straight days, she was beside me.

We didn’t travel this year for spring break. Last year, Joy and I went to Stone Mountain  and Lake Lanier. We played and explored and adventured and paddled.

This year, we stayed home. We had guests stay with us while they worked the Masters Tournament. We only live a few miles from the Augusta National, so traffic can be quite grizzly at times. I had an ambitious list of projects to work on while we spent the week  intentionally holed up and still in our abode.

Joy had only one goal for the week: remain in pj’s all week long.
Throughout the week, when I asked her if she wanted to go with me …. here or there ….. movies, kayaking, walking at the tow path ….. she would quip,
“Nope. That would require me to put on clothes. I’m good.”

And she almost met her goal, though she did leave the house dressed two times.

So, she wore zebra striped footie pj’s at the start of the week when the temps were cooler …..
and switched to Supergirl boxers by midweek.

Supergirl pj boxers

In the early morning, when the air was just slightly chilly,
she donned a men’s Sears Roebuck robe from the 70’s, a Goodwill find that thrilled her!
It hangs on her not unlike a tent, but she loves it! She makes me laugh.
I’m pretty sure the clash of prints and colors increases the value of the outfit on her style radar.
Sears Roebuck Men's Robe

And it’s not that she didn’t go outside. She helped take out the trash, she ran errands and she helped me clean the entire front yard, for example
……… all-the-while wearing her pj’s.

The week … was lovely.

It was so nice for her to be here. We enjoyed our morning coffee together. It was like I had special company for lunch! We went about our days … her playing instruments, talking with me while I played with paints and brushes ……brushes beside my easel

her surfing the web and the two of us sharing videos and stories back and forth. She worked on several school projects throughout the week.

Because we had company, she slept in my bedroom on a pallet on the floor.  Every night was like a slumber party. When the lights were turned off, chatting began. But … by the time the clock had ticked past around forty-five minutes, my ability to concentrate had fizzled and she would begin to lose me. But, those were super sweet conversations.

Now her guitar sits idle
at the foot of her bed …. a lonely guitar at the foot of her bed

… and her computer sits in her chair …. her entire room still and lifeless.

Joy's computer

It reminded me all over again what a homeschooling-mama’s-heart I have. I know that I was built to live with, work with and teach my own children. To train up a child in the way he/she should go …. takes time. And time is lost when she is away at school. I.miss.her.

Memories of an entire week spent fellowshipping with my youngest child
make me so happy.
What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morning?


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