Makes Me Happy Monday : Altered Moccasins

Fall crispness is tiptoeing in the air here in Georgia. The humidity is thinning, night skies are slightly clearer and the overnight temps are beginning to dip to the “add-a-blanket-to-the-bed” zone.

And we are continuing to thin and purge.  Joy brought out her latest cleansing to donate to Goodwill. In her stack was this fabulous pair of moccasins.

Altered moccasins

Joy wanted the boots badly when they were purchased for her, but as they became more popular, her desire to wear them waned. And, ya know, I just don’t get upset with her about this kind of thing.  Having just celebrated my fiftieth birthday, I still don’t know what clothes I will adore from season to season. At fourteen? Well …. I just don’t see clothing as something to fret over. If her clothes are modest and don’t have disrespectful words or phrases, they’re okay with me.

But ….

I just couldn’t bring myself to take those sweet boots to the donation bin.

The fringe was the problem for me.

Then it hit me ……
I could cut the fringe off!

Using this fabulous pair of boots and  this grand Free People pair of boots as inspiration,
I started digging through my lace cards and beads.

I wanted to use more than one texture on the boots, so I used lace that had “opening” to run a ribbon through. Looking at it closely, I’m fairly certain that it was hand-tatted rather than machine-made. It’s strong, sturdy and oh-so-pretty.

Vintage lace

This leather strip was pulled from a skirt years and years ago. I still remember the skirt with it’s tiny leather-strip belt with beads on each end. I prefer a more substantial belt at the waist so pulled it off and tucked it into my “stash” for later use.

Altered moccasins


I ran the leather strip through the lace and began working the beads into place as I sewed the lace to the boot flap.

I’ll be honest in mentioning that it was very difficult to work the needle through the suede. I’m betting there is such a thing as a leather/suede needle … but I don’t have one!  The little latex disc helped make the needle MUCH easier to grip. Altered moccasins

So, here is the final product!! Yay!

I LOVE them!  Now … if the temperature will just drop a little so they don’t look out-of-place for the time of year.

Altered reinvented upcycled moccasin boots I love that little things
like altering a pair of shoes
with saved notions and unused beads
can make me happy.

How about you?
What has made your Monday marvelous?


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