Makes Me Happy Monday : Amber Candle Light

I like to claim that I don’t buy anything retail
except “groceries, paper products and white t-shirts.”
Almost everything in my home is hand me over, thrifted or gifted.
It just seems to me that
there is so much good stuff already manufactured,
that I hate to support the creation of more stuff
by buying retail.

Even so, I don’t go thrift shopping or yard saling often
unless I’m looking for something in particular.

Yet there are those days when I’m out and about
that I come across something that holds such beauty in my eyes
that I know it should come home with me.

That’s the way I feel about this beautiful amber candle holder.
I believe I paid $2 for it and it sits still and quiet in my room
tucked away at the far end of the house.
I love to light a candle and fill it with light from within,
but the light from the window
passing through its body
can make it twinkle and shine
just as brightly.
Vintage Amber Candle Vase

It’s a little thing,
but I love the rich color
and the gorgeous angles on the cut glass.

My amber candle pot makes me happy
this morning
and throughout the week.
What about you?

What makes you happy this marvelous Monday morning?


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