Tim’s Sally’s Sweet Creation & Love

As fall turns the corner, the days shorten and the nights lengthen
while our minds and bodies slow.
Sometimes, the adjustment from summer energy to winter slumber
can leave us lethargic or feeling slovenly
as we go about doing what we must do.

Augusta Canal ... dew drops on vine

One Saturday morning, I was exploring the creative corners of the Pinterest world
and I came across a “Tim’s Sally” image that struck me.
Tim’s Sally is Mindy Lacefield.
You can find her here on Facebook  and here on  Flickr.
She is quite amazing!
Her artwork is passionate, colorful, expressive and encouraging.

And the image that caught my eye?
This is what I saw.

I identified
with the sweet, whimsical
…. and slightly disheveled …. bunny
standing stoically on the left.


I looked at her

“HEY! That’s how I feel on the InSiDe!”

Sometimes I feel like a character out of a Tom and Jerry cartoon
with eyes off-kilter …
and little stars and birds circling my head …
I walk with a wobble
and *boom* fall down from time to time.

Life is beautiful, wonderful, lovely and warm … sometimes.
Other times …. it’s a challenging, whirling mess …
that can quickly spiral into confusing chaos.

I find I spend much of my time creating.
I am painting, repairing and mending,
sewing, darning and altering,
reading, writing and collaging.
It’s a new day … a new place to live … free to create
rather than listening to that voice-not-my-own that tells me
there are other things that I should be doing …
things of greater “importance” or “value.”
It’s a good place. It’s a happy place.
And yet … at times, it’s a slightly unsteady place
to reside … if for no other reason than it is new.

This message keeps returning to me: Do what you do with love.
Everything you do is a gift. Give it graciously.

In these uncertain days of government untidiness and personal turmoil,
family mayhem, relationship confusion and work struggles …
immerse yourself in doing whatever it is that you must do
with love.
Do it as worship. Do it as well as you are able … and keep moving.
On those days that you identify with a slightly bedraggled image of yourself,
be encouraged that your actions … no matter how large or small ….  are all worship.
They are all art. They are all giving.
No matter where you spend your days …  at home, in an office, in a store or a school  …
whether the diapering of a little one, the cleaning of messes,
the filing of paperwork, typing of reports or the selling of goods ….
whether making meals, running errands or sitting through meetings …
every action is a sacrifice that can offered with love
for those around you.

Do everything in love 1 Corinthians 16:14

So, I encourage you. As you go about your days …
wherever you spend your time,
rather than focusing on the doing,
rest in loving as you do.


4 thoughts on “Tim’s Sally’s Sweet Creation & Love

  1. I sooooo needed this today, Karen. As the time approaches that marks one year of my mother’s passing, I feel being sucked into depression. I don’t want my life to be summed up as “depressed” The reminder here of I Corinthians is just what I need to “refocus” my thoughts to sweet memories instead of sad missings….Thanks, friend! Love you and your writings!


  2. I love this Karen! I find I would always rather create, but often feel and hear from my own vicious inner voice that there are more important things to be doing than what I enjoy doing. I often find that if I enjoy it, it must mean it is unimportant (lies, not truth, but that thought is there.)

    I also loved that you brought in the thought that even in the everyday you can do that with love. I can wash, clean, cook, and do what seems like endless meetings and appointments with love. Even the school ones, which are the hardest for me to do. Speaking of which, I have a phone call to return to Kam’s guidance counselor at school. (Those kind of phone calls make me feel that bunny as well.)


    1. “I often find that if I enjoy it, it must mean it is unimportant” … that is such nasty self-talk, isn’t it? I’m sure the enemy wants us to think this!
      Hang in there, friend! Be yourself! You’re beautiful. You are created with a purpose to be where you are and do what you do …. with love and fulfillment.
      Love you so!


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