Rain in my house & FEAR

This summer, parts of the south were W.E.T.

We had rain for 6-8 weeks …. big rain. Big. Wet. Drippy. Soggy. Pummeling.
Not “normal-for-the-south, afternoon thunderstorms,” but all-day-long-hovering rain showers.
I had 6-8″ of water standing in the storage area under the mother-in-law suite for weeks. THAT was new!

Summer 2013 snapshot.


So, one afternoon while doing dishes and watching the rain pour outside my kitchen window ….
I realized that the rain was coming into the house. My feet were getting wet. I could feel the water soaking through my socks.
I was standing in a puddle!  I panicked and  thought was …. “HOW was the rain getting INTO the house????”

A rainy summer day

Trying to imagine HOW the rain was making it THROUGH the wall and INTO my house,
I slowly opened the cabinet in front of me  ….
when I saw it.   The rain outside and my wet feet inside were completely coincidental.
The water puddling under my feet was draining through a HUGE hole in my garbage disposal.
Our garbage disposal - springing a leaking

^ Not THAT hole ^  That is a small hole that I wrote about  HERE way, way back in 2008. That hole was repaired with duct tape.
I know. I know. That’s not the PROPER way to repair a disposal … but it worked!
But now, there was a much bigger hole in the bottom of the disposal!   ::trembles::
I knew immediately, duct tape … was not going to fix THIS hole!

See, my sink is cast iron …. it’s like an old cast iron tub, only smaller.  It has a ceramic coating that makes it LOOK harmless,
but it is not.
Even as far back as this post in May of 2011 I wrote about needing to replace the sink.
My words: “This was certainly a reminder that the next job to be accomplished here in our home definitely needs to be replacement of this sink.”
But, I pressed on …. washing dishes daily  …. paralyzed by fear … of the unknown.


The last of our favorite Valentine's glasses. gone.

My head would just spin when I spent too much time thinking about the job.  I know nothing about plumbing. I don’t even know what to buy.  If I buy everything I think I need and replace everything, what if it still doesn’t work! What if I disconnect everything and it takes weeks to figure out how it goes back together? What if I do it and the pipes leak and ruin the cabinet or the floor? How do I disconnect the garbage disposal? It uses electricity, for heavens sake! Can I replace it? How do I do that without electrocuting myself? I’ve heard that water and electricity don’t mix well!

But, the biggest fear of mine was that removing the old sink would ruin my long kitchen countertop. I had read and been warned that an old sink could become so sticky and adhered to the counter that removing it would cause the formica to splinter and split. I could probably find some way to handle a sink problem …. but I KNEW that new countertops for my entire kitchen is WAY out of my financial budget. And to be honest, I adore my yellow speckled retro counters! Truly. Truly.

No. No. No. I couldn’t muster the courage.
I put it off. It didn’t HAVE to be done
just yet.

God is so merciful. I never cut myself on broken glass in this sink.
He is also gentle to push us when we need to move.

I was holding on to fear … more fear … like I wrote about here and here.  I had to be brave and DO this.
So, He gave me a push.
He allowed the disposal to become so wounded that it had to be removed.
With water POURING out of the sink, through the rusted out disposal and onto the floor …. it was time.
There was no more waiting.

Within just an hour or so of my puddle-hole-realization, my sweet friend Travis texted to say
he was coming to Augusta for a while and wondered if he could stop by for a bit.
I was happy to have the reprieve from thinking about the work to come.
As it turns out, he had recently completed a kitchen plumbing rebuild so his plumbing muscles were freshly flexed.
Travis offered to give a look at the job that needed to be done and see if we could tackle this together.
Travis' feet - relaxing as he works?

It took several hours but we disconnected the disposal and taped off the wiring, disconnected all the pipes and headed to Lowe’s for replacement parts and supplies. Time ran short and Travis had to leave, but we managed to get the old sink out, the new one in and the plumbing almost all the way back together.

Want to see something beautiful? LOOK at this!

A clean removal of the sink

The sink came out clean. We were able to ever-so-gently lift and separate an inch at a time
until the sink was fully loose from the countertop and ready to be removed.
After pulling it out, I weighed the sink. Who knew a cast iron sink would weigh 94.5 pounds!
I really, truly, surely could NEVER have done that job without help.

And as the day unfolded, I saw how perfect God’s timing was …..
to have Travis on his way to Augusta (30 minutes from his home)
with time to spare
and some skills in plumbing in tow
so that his strong-male-biceps were in my home
just when I needed them.
I’m telling you, I was amazed. Pressing the sink into place

We installed the “new-to-me” sink (that I bought at a yard sale for around $10. several years ago). It fit perfectly!

Fresh plumbing! Travis completed the right side pipe installation while I worked on the left.
And, naturally, the left was the one that gave me a fit.
It leaked. So, I took it apart and put it back together
six times
over the course of a week
until I could finally disassemble and reassemble kitchen plumbing
with my eyes closed.
I learned SO much!


But, the greatest lesson that I learned
is that I can do more
than I think I can
and that God can and will
help me more
than I usually believe that He will.
I allow fear to make too many decisions for me.
I allow fear to keep me paralyzed and afraid.

But, I am breaking free!
And I am excited!
I have identified that I have two primary fears:
1) I fear doing things that look complicated and require skills that I know I do not posses and
2) I fear being my quirky, creative, whimsical self … especially when with men whom I want to please
or around people who I deeply care about.

What about you? What do you fear? When do you let fear paralyze you
or keep you from doing things that you really want or need to do?


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