Makes Me Happy Monday : Locket on a Cord

I have been looking for a glass front locket for years, to no avail.
I considered trying to alter a watch or pocket watch
to create one since I hadn’t seen one in a store,
but hadn’t even found suitable parts.

This summer, I found myself invited to a home jewelry party.
I’m not much for home jewelry/kitchen/clothing or purse parties.
I prefer things that are not currently fashionable or trending
and I have found that
God will provide for me second-hand
most things that I need or want.
If He doesn’t provide it in that way,
He will give me the parts so that I can create it myself.

But, I have to admit that I was THRILLED to RSVP my presence to THIS party
after I looked at the website for the company!

Origami Owl is a  jewelry company
that sells all sorts of lockets in different sizes and colors
with multiple choices of necklace/chain styles
AND dozens of different inner locket jewelry charms!
Click THIS link and just to see the locket options. So much fun!

With Mother’s Day gift money to spend,
I looked at the site
and knew exactly what I wanted long before I arrived at the gathering.

Origami Owl Locket

I already knew I wanted my locket on a leather cord
and I wanted to fill it with my own trinkets and findings.
I have steampunky real watch gears,
a tiny cross off my very first pair of earrings from 4th grade,
tiny seashells from Florida Panhandle camping trips as a teen,
and a floating heart that was gifted to me when I was probably in 9th grade.
All of these things and so many others will fit sweetly into that pretty little round locket!
Right now, it holds one of my favorite parakeet feathers.

I LOVE it!

My awesome new locket makes me really happy today.
What makes YOU happy on this marvelous Monday morning?


2 thoughts on “Makes Me Happy Monday : Locket on a Cord

  1. One week ago, parents made the decision to move to a retirement community. They will move in this week. My mom wanted new clothes and a few new furniture pieces to replace the tired ones. As the only daughter, it has naturally been a job that fell on me. I have a 14 and 15 year old that keep me running as well as a demanding job. What I am happy about and praise The Lord for is the fact that he has led me to the most perfect things for my mother and my parent’s new home. He has provided me with a 12% growth in my production even though I have been virtually absent from work and my children have been scooted to where ever they needed to be without me having to make arrangements. I am so happy that God is so faithful. It is a sweet reminder that when we are living the purpose for which we were created, that He paves the way and provides us with everything we need. I love your story about your locket because I feel that same pleasure through finding the most perfect things that will further enrich this new start for my parents. Thanks for sharing your story


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