Makes Me Happy Monday : Smudge Love

My front yard sky view

My backyard has so many trees that very little sunlight makes it to the ground. The spots of sunlight that do are little patchy areas that move with the afternoon. If I want to soak in some Vitamin D and sunshine, I head to the front. I’ll lie on my back and watch the clouds move with my arms spread wide. There is a slight incline in my yard so I almost feel invisible … I don’t think people really even see me lying there when they drive down the street.

If Smudge is outside, he hears me. And he comes to visit.
He is usually very evasive when he is outside. He is afraid if he gets close enough to any family member, we’ll snatch him up and take him into the prison house. For the most part, he’s an “outside-all-day” and “inside-all-night” kind of fella.

But, when I go out and lie down in the grass, he’s figured out that he’s safe from entrapment. So, he’ll come close and let me pet him. He’ll rub on my feet.

Smudge & Me in the front yard

He’ll climb across my back and sit down  …. like I’m piece of furniture.
This guy … he’s my favorite.


Most of our homes have offered him ample green space to explore. I’m thankful as he enjoys and even prefers the outdoors.

My Smudge-man ... on the deck rail

Though he’s not a young man, he’s still agile … well-balanced and quick.

While neither Smudge nor I are true “Snugglers,”  
on occasion, he’ll join me on the couch for a nap.

Snuggling with Smudge
ot so long ago, I woke up to find him asleep on top of me.
That was kind of a surprise.

Napping in the fall
If Smudge belongs to anyone in our home, he belongs to James.
And when James moved out over a year ago, Smudge mourned.
No. Really. He was angry, hurt and pouty.
I can’t explain it in a way that does justice to the attitude,
but it was big.
He didn’t like affection.
He didn’t even purr as easily or as often as he always had.
James lived away from home for almost a year.
When he moved back home, the world was right again with Smudge.
It took a bit of time, but the boat self-righted.

The thing that brings me some of the most joy about this furry feline,
is watching my boy love on him.
When James comes home from work, his first question invariably
is “Where is Smudge?”
If I don’t have an answer,  I’m called a “Bad Cat Mom.”
This is serious business.

Cat Love

So, there is this daily quality time that goes on between them.
It’s a friendship. It’s a common affection. It’s a thing I love to watch happen.

James & Smudge watching the rain outside

This guy … might be a pet
but he’s an important part of our family
and brings me great joy.
Smudge in the reading corner in the dining room

ep, Smudge makes me super happy today and every day.
What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morning?


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