May your weekend offer Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

No matter what life looks like …. busy or empty … chaotic or slow, may you search and find joy.
Whether you find yourself tending a tiny, exhausting newborn, or loud, demanding toddlers,
surrounded by raucous, outrageous teens,  sitting in an empty nest or anything in between …
may you find the joy in today.
There may be a dozen around your table or you may find yourself alone.
Whether you are at the start of a marriage with a new family
or alone because your life and family fell apart, may you find joy.
No matter what life looks like … there is reason to rejoice.
Praise because your struggles make you stronger.
Be thankful for warmth or food or shelter  …. in excess or scant … there is reason to praise.
May you find those joys. May you search for the blessings. May you count it all joy.

Happy Thanksgiving.

{{{hugs}}}, blessings & peace to you,



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