An everyday Thanksgiving

I find that I reach for my camera less and less.
I am home and still and just soak it all in … still and quiet.

But, today, as I think about all my blessings.
I decided to grab my camera to remember what life looks like
right now
before everyone is up and moving
before friends arrive
before life gets busy.

I have learned
to let it go.
Don’t fret over the mess when company comes.
Just enjoy the people … in the mess.

And I am learning to let other things go.
Our table isn’t complete. It is forever changed ….
and that is a difficult thing to accept.
But, I rejoice in the small things that surround me.
There is great freedom and peace here now!

Before we sup, this table surely must be cleared
but I am thankful for an abundance of gorgeous fabrics
that I have been playing with lately.

Plentiful fabric

Our home has many beautiful plants
that we faithfully bring in on cold nights.
They make our deck happy during summer
and bring life inside when it is below freezing overnight.

Plants that didn't freeze in the chilly night air

I am thankful for smoke that billows from a faithful smoker
billowing smoke
and wood drenched in water and flavored with garlic and orange that slowly infuses a bird.

smoking chips
There is fire in the fireplace
that warms our world.
Light reflects on glass ….
an amazing feat, if you think about it ….
glass being transparent.

Fire reflecting warmth
Words on my wall remind me to
and rest.
Yes. I will do that. today.
Words on my wall
I listen to John Denver sing “Oh, it’s good to be back home again,”
and I ponder home.
I’ve heard “Home is where your Mom is.”
I like that. So, home for me is far away ….
with my mom on the other corner of our fair state.
But home is also here …. because I am mom.
Each of my little ones are here to celebrate and give thanks.
Life is good
and rich
and blessed.

My "Home" painting
My mantle is scattered with findings …
a beautiful scrap of paper in an interesting shape,
autumn leaves
and a twisted bit of grass that is comforting to view.

oy wanted these pencils …. just sticks … filled with colorful lead.
It makes me happy that she walks by and admires them. James does the same.
Those two … so very much alike in many ways.
Glory, sandwiched there in the middle, my Sunshine and Butterflies girl.

sticks that write in color
 am thankful for a coffee ring on my counter
and a gorgeous ceramic cup.
The dribble is evidence that I still have a few wonderful pleasures that are so sweet to my soul.
Creamer with a bit of coffee poured in. A comfort food, if I have one.

stains on the counter and pretty ceramic
nd this turkey bag? I love the geometric pattern … rhythmic and balanced and sturdy and white.
I cut it off the bird and will use it later in some art project.
It makes me happy to see beauty in the common.

The turkey wrapper
Leaves sit on my deck
too damp from recent rain to crunch the way fall leaves should.
We’ll sweep them away soon … but for now, they remind me of the sloughing away of summer
and the stillness of winter.
They are good.

he watering can sits idle.
She’ll only be used a few times this winter.
She is bathed in light … and cobwebs.

left on watering pitcher that won't be used much again until summer
s much as I used to love Sweet Gum balls,
having several trees in my yard has led me to not care for them so much.
But, tiny ones
like this
make my heart sing.
Isn’t she precious …
almost hidden in the shadows.

a tiny sweet gum ball
erra Cotta sits dormant, as well.
Yet, I know, spring will inch near
before we expect it
and this earthenware will be busy
with new life.

terra cotta stillness
Here is hoping you find beauty in the common
in the everyday …
those things that you see all the time.
May they richly bless you this Thanksgiving day
and often.

Happy Thanksgiving.

4 thoughts on “An everyday Thanksgiving

  1. Among the many things for which I am thankful today is that you picked up your camera and shared these lovely sights. My early morning food prep is done for now and while taking a brief break before heading to the shower, I was treated to this post. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


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