Makes Me Happy Monday : Rugged Santa

As I walked through a craft store the other afternoon,
doing some leisurely window shopping for Christmas inspiration,
I was taken aback
to the point that I *gasped* out loud and tears welled up in my eyes.

A forest SantaIf ever there was a Santa
built just for me,
this Santa is the one.

This Woodland Santa has crystal blue eyes
that sparkle with happy
not unlike my own Father’s baby blues.
Crystal Blue eyes
And a crimson Cardinal is perched on the tiny tree Santa holds ….
with a dollop of snow atop his little feathered head.
Do you know that Cardinals choose a mate for life?
Have you ever noticed how the male will visit a feeder first
and then chirp back to his bride to “Come along! It is safe!”
Sweet, protective groom.

Cardinal of red
I prefer fabric with texture. I love tans,  browns and greens.
And my home is decorated with snowflakes, pine and jingle bells at Christmas.
Isn’t he fitting?

Timberland Santa

And this hat with a whimsical curl. How fun!

A Santa hat of whimsy
Santa’s walking stick reminds me of James. When we were all younger, we would camp and hike as a family. He would often find a stick, straight and strong. Using his rugged pocket knife, he would carve designs up and down that timber rod as we sat around the fire.  He still holds those walking sticks dear.

Strong hands with a rugged walking stick
his is my only Santa. I don’t believe there is another in all of my Christmas decorations.
In fact, I don’t remember us ever owning a Santa at all.
To think …. I waited fifty years for this man!

This week, we’ll pull out the crates and unpack the jovial.
I didn’t decorate for fall this year.
There didn’t seem to be enough time or energy to get everything done,
so decorating didn’t make the “must do” list.
But, Christmas cheer is a must.
And this sweet Santa will help us commemorate.


Hiking ready

Yes, this sweet new Woodland Santa makes me smile.
What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morning? 


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