Makes Me Happy Monday : Birthday Band

A few months ago, with birthday money from my parents, I bought myself a present.
Bands of protection

I have been looking for a second intricate band for quite some time now. The one of the far right is one I purchased on the Savannah River Front at least …. 20 years ago? It was made by a craftsman who had a table of silver, bronze and gold bands and jewelry. I still remember how excited I was to purchase it!  When I was married, I wore it from time to time with my wedding band and engagement ring. I have always loved it. Today, it bears the scars of being worn flat on the edges that press up against other bands. But, it is still beautiful.

Some time ago, I wrote (here) about how I still wear stacked rings that could be mistaken for wedding bands on my left hand even though I am divorced.  One of those bands was lost at the beach … and several others have since been thrown away as they were inexpensive jewelry that tarnished quickly.

Circles of gold and silver

The new band is primarily gold with a twisted cord of silver worked into the body.
I always thought of my old band as being representative of my marriage. It has two smooth cords and one textured one, each of about the same thickness. The silver, textured cord was me … because I’m more bumpy and intricate. The smooth, silver cord was my spouse as he was easy-going. And smooth gold strand was God … of greater value than either of us.

Looking for parallels in the spiritual physical world .... I see all of life this way!
It is a constant search to apply spiritual realities
to the physical world around us.
I am in constant search of metaphors or parables.

I love that the new band seems to fit my life today.
The gold is still God.
He is smooth and constant … never-ending.
He is gold, so He is of great value.
He is also represented with a much wider strand.
And I am still silver.
I am bumpy, intricate and tarnish easily.
And I am tucked inside His beauty …
I am of greater value because He encircles me.
His presence beside me enhances who I am and makes me more beautiful.

My latest ring

I wear bands that can be mistaken for wedding bands so that I can be comfortable being myself. I am friendly to all people … children, men and women. But, I sense that my friendliness is sometimes misinterpreted as being flirty.  I do not mean it that way, so I wear bands so that I don’t look like a single woman being flirty. I don’t “look” like a woman trying to get fresh with a man … because … in reality, I’m not. I am not searching for dates right now.

But, if some guy comes along and is brave enough to ask questions about me …  my marital status … and why I wear the rings, that would be fabulous. The key to me is that he would have to ASK. I want someone courageous enough to ask questions … to pursue and investigate. THAT is of utmost importance to me. So, wearing bands on my left hand is actually a screening, of sorts. And if no man comes along that is an investigator, so be it. I’d rather be alone than live my life with someone who doesn’t push limits, ask questions and probe.

My bands

I  have loved stacking rings for decades.  And I am thankful to have found a beautiful new piece of quality craftsmanship.
What a treat that I was able to buy it with birthday money … making it all the more special.

My new birthday band makes me happy!
What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morning?

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