May your weekend offer some silent

A drippy, chilly Autumn morning

In a world of pressure and drear, find the beauty.
In a world of busy, find time to be still.
In days of loud, make time to be silent.
In a weekend of frantic rushing, choose to slow down.
Make it a choice. Let someone with fewer items go in front of you.
Allow cars to merge lanes or pull out of a side road.
Take time to chat with someone you do not know.
Drop your change into a red bucket with a bell ringer.
Engage in interested conversation with your cashier.
Carry candy canes in your purse. Share one and a smile.
In a drive thru line, pay for the meal behind you.
When stress is elevated, breathe deeper and call on God.
Sing to yourself. Skip. Wear a scarf that makes you happy.
Find ways to help yourself. And pass it on.
And have a lovely weekend, friends.

{{{hugs}}}, blessings & peace to you,


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