Makes Me Happy Monday : Antique Juicer

I have had a quaint glass reamer used for juicing citrus for quite some time. I believe it was one of my grandmother’s hand-me-downs. I enjoy anything antique … but especially love antiques in the kitchen. I am a little extra careful with them … especially if the item is glass …. but I do still use them (like I wrote about here).

Antique Juicer


Just a few weeks ago, I happened upon a glass measuring cup
that I KNEW would fit my reamer.
I felt like I was stealing
as the price on the item was only fifty cents.
Did this woman think that she might not measure again in her kitchen?
Was an antique not of more value to her?
Could it be that she replaced this heirloom
with a newer item that she saw as better?
Maybe she was just a collector and was paring down?

I had no answers,
but I knew I would take advantage of her loss of interest in this stoic kitchen helper.

I love that she has a gorgeous vintage chip on the spout
and holds decades of chopped, mixed and measured history
silently within her glass walls.
Antique Juicer

She sits on my kitchen counter top in a corner with trivets, strainers and cutting boards
and is probably used daily.
This morning, she helped me make guacamole for Joy’s lunchbox.

Antique Juicer

There is something beautiful about things that are well made and live long.
Like friendships, family relationships and marriage,
they take a little extra care to keep them healthy and working
but the extra effort is a worthy energy focus.
Also like relationships, there may be chips, bumps and bruises along the way.
But, rather than toss the beautiful vintage
in lieu of a newer, more cheaply put-together item,
how much more valuable is that item when it is
tenderly cared for, nurtured and loved.

I adore this vintage reamer and measuring cup set.
These items were not created with each other in mind,
but they operate well as a team
and offer comfort, support and vintage allure in my kitchen.
They make me so happy!

What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morning?


One thought on “Makes Me Happy Monday : Antique Juicer

  1. Finding what we hope will be the perfect Christmas gift for our grands that will get them outside, learning a new skill from their Grandpa, and NOT in front of an electronic screen for that amount of time at least. Today was a great shopping day!


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