Makes Me Happy Monday : Pinterest

We all have rituals. There are things we do daily out of habit, default or intention. Some of us exercise daily. Some people read every day with intention. Some carve out time for prayer or meditation. And others are purposeful about finding inspiration or practicing art or some form of creativity.

I have found that I must search for inspiration. There are two places that it comes naturally to me. I am inspired by the outdoors and I am inspired by photographs or visual images. Since I don’t get to spend time outside every day, I have made it an intention to spend time on Pinterest every day.

If you aren’t familiar with Pinterest, it is  a digital bulletin board system. It’s much like the bookmarking system on your personal computer, but better! A bookmark is stored in the memory of your own computer. You can’t access your personal bookmarks from other computers  …. but you CAN access the “pins” on Pinterest from any computer by logging into your personal Pinterest account.

Imagine a room full of bulletin boards. What would you pin to your boards in your home? Recipes? Quotes? Clothing inspiration? Maybe you’re working on a backyard garden so you might pin gardening images and articles. Or you are thinking of a kitchen remodel so you might pin images of kitchen cabinets that you like. Maybe you’re just learning about the positive influence of essential oils and want to collect information about them.   Those are the things that you would also “pin” to your Pinterest “boards” … but they are digital images rather than slips of paper or photographs.

For at least fifteen minutes a day, I spend time scrolling through the images on my feed (much like a Facebook newsfeed). I follow certain boards that are based on topics that I enjoy.  You can pin images from  boards by other people or you can pin images directly from any web page that has a photo (all text web pages offer nothing to “pin” since the site is based on visual images).

If you’re interested, I’d love for you to click over and follow any of the boards that interest you on my Pinterest account.

Spending time on Pinterest every morning gets my creative juices flowing and starts my day off right. Pinterest really makes me smile.

How about you?
What makes YOU happy here on this last Monday of 2013?

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