My comforting storage bag drawer

Kitchen Drawer Back in September, Jeff was cooking my birthday breakfast when he happened upon my ziploc bag drawer. He took the opportunity to poke fun at my marked boxes. In my defense, when the boxes are in the drawer, the quarter, snack and sandwich bag sizes are fairly indistinguishable.  So, I write the bag size on the box in big, black sharpie letters.

And I have to admit … that the other day … when I bought a few new boxes in preparation for the return of school-lunch-packing and I slid them into the drawer, it made me quite happy because the boxes filled the drawer almost perfectly. It was as if I had finished a puzzle, placing that last snack bag box into the drawer. There was this wonderful comfort knowing  ….
if there were no other spots in my house that were currently in order ….
at least THIS one was. *contented sigh*

And as I slid that drawer shut, I thought about how most of us sssoooo desire order. We want to know what comes next. We want our plans to work out. We expect the car to run when we crank it, the alarm to go off when we set it and the refrigerator to be cold when we open the door. We would like for the children to be obedient, our spouses to be faithful and our friends to understand us.

But … real life doesn’t look like that.  Children make mistakes. Cars break. Spouses walk out.
But, God …. He is constant.

I was talking with a friend the other day and we were sharing how different our lives look today than they looked last year … and how we never dreamed this life five years ago …. and we were wondering how much more different NEXT year may look!

What if  have cancer!
Or have a wreck and am paralyzed!
And I still have no insurance?
What if am in jail!
Or my house burns down!
What if I’m dead!
Who will help my kids?”

“Will I have insurance?
Or a job?
Will my kids be ok?
What if my ex loses his job?
Will I be homeless? ”
These are such unsure times.
No matter what life looks like …. everything can change in the blink of an eye.

When Joy and I went to the theater over the weekend, this preview played.
I really, really want to see this movie! I KNOW people like this … families like this!!

“I’m sure you’d prefer to think that Santa Claus brought you presents, too.”
“In my day, families stayed together.”
“Is anybody s’posed to smoke?”
“Be a father. Help me.”
“Marriage is hard.”

And, yes!  I was THAT person in the theater that BELLY LAUGHED OUT LOUD
…. off and on during this trailer.
Then came the line ….
” Thank God we can’t tell the future.”
Julia Roberts replies with an obvious, ominous knowing
in a matter-of-fact tone …..
…  “or we’d never get out of bed.”
And I fell silent. Such a stinging truth.

Each of us “retreats.”  We all look for ways to medicate our pains
and smooth the rough edges of life.
Cigarettes, alcohol, sleep, shopping, pornography,
food, social media coma, work, abuse/bullying  of others
… we all deal with struggle in different ways.
But, healthy calls out for help. Healthy faces the mess rather than running … numbing … hiding.
And God is there to comfort, guide and love us through the tough stuff.

Kitchen drawer

We all want order in our lives.
We all want to know what comes next …
but real life doesn’t often look like we want or expect.
No matter what life looks like …
rest assured that God can and will walk you through.
He won’t wave a magic wand and “fix” it all,
but He will offer strength, guidance and peace
as you make your way through this surprising, messy maze
that is life.
And He can give us the strength to get out of bed in the morning
no matter what the day holds.
And on those days when we feel like we still can’t do it,
He’ll hold us and comfort us while we rest.

Psalm 108:4  For great is Your love, higher than the heavens; Your faithfulness reaches to the skies.

2 thoughts on “My comforting storage bag drawer

  1. I AM this family! Love you, and love your posts…Have you seen the movie yet? Thanks for this post especially, it is truly inspiring…
    By the way, I spent two days before Christmas with my son in the ER with a dislocated ankle, Christmas Eve in the ER in North Carolina with my brother who OD’d on drugs, and New Year’s Eve getting him into a rehab facility in Atlanta…My brothers not speaking to each other, one brother having essentially “stolen” things from the one IN rehab, and my sister a bit nutty as well…Welcome to my world in a nutshell!! Is God good? ALWAYS. Do I think things could be worse? Absolutely. Which is why we have to enjoy what is good now, because you don’t know what tomorrow will hold! ❤


    1. Lisa,
      What a good attitude. Sorry life is SUCH a mess right now, but you’re right; we don’t know what tomorrow will hold.
      And I haven’t seen the movie yet. I hope to see it one day this week.



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