Makes Me Happy Monday : Winter Rain

It’s been briskly cold or extremely wet for quite some time. Thankfully, we haven’t experienced briskly cold WHILE extremely wet. The south doesn’t handle that combination very well.

My yard has a lovely blanket of leaves to protect it from the harsh cold. I keep telling myself I’ll get out there when it warms up …. or when the ground dries out …  or when I have a free day. So far, the stars haven’t aligned so that I can get out there and take care of house keeping … errrr …… “yard keeping.”

Yes, I’m “that” dork that has several flags on her weather map. I watch the weather at my parents home in south Georgia, mine on the Georgia/South Carolina border and keep an eye on the chilly weather, snow and ice at Heather‘s house “way up north.”

Rain on the way

Joy was just pointing out the other day how people say they love the rain and then complain when the days are wet. While out and about, I’ve noticed how people get a little grumpy over rain, as well.

But, ya know ….. complaining won’t STOP the rain …. so why not enjoy it? We will have more rain SOME time. Why not buy a great pair of rain boots, tuck your jeans inside so they won’t get wet and walk in the puddles? Why not find an awesome rain coat that makes you happy and wear it with joy? Why not buy an incredible umbrella that will make you want to look up into its dome and love being outside in the sprinkles? Stick a small umbrella in your back pack or purse, your bag or AT LEAST in the floorboard of your vehicle ….  for unexpected downpours.

I pinned this great umbrella onto my Paisley Pinterest board the other day. Isn’t it fun? (You can click on the pin and then click over and buy it, if you’re so inclined)  I adore paisley!!

It won’t be long before the tremble-inducing chill of winter fades away into spring. Think of this rain as watering the sleeping blooms that will soon push themselves free and blossom wildly.

Shopping in the rain

This chilly, winter rain makes me happy right now.

What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morning?

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