May your weekend be fret-free

Craft Store Wisdom

This storage box made me laugh out loud as I stood in the aisle at a local craft store.
I posted this photo on Facebook and had a friend comment,
“I just need that on a sign I can hang on the front door.” Hahahhahahahaaaa.

Just admit it. There will always be socks without a match, papers that aren’t filed,
and home repair projects that need to be started or long to be finished.
What a gift to admit, “There will always be things that are left unorganized or unfinished.”
So, do what you can and let the rest go … at least for now.
This weekend, if you’re able, set aside some time to leave the fretting behind
and just enjoy … relax … rest.

If you can’t take the whole weekend off, find a few hours to get away.


Rent a kayak and get on the water.  People-watch at the mall. Ride a bike.
Read a book. Go see a movie. Take a hike. Take a nap on the couch.
Put together a jigsaw puzzle. Call an old friend. Have coffee with a new one.
Sit outside facing the sun for 20 minutes – no matter the temperature.
Buy a new CD and listen to it over and over. Sew or crochet something for yourself.
Bake some cookies. Begin a new journal. Get a massage, a haircut, or a manicure.
Think of something you would love to do but don’t MAKE the time to do for yourself,
. . . . and do it.

Put aside the worries of bills to pay, things to do, places to go and things that need to be fixed.
We must care for ourselves  – rest, eat well, exercise, sleep, rejuvenate – to function well.
What good are we if all we have to offer
to our God, our spouse, our children, our friends or our co-workers
is a worn-out, exhausted, down-trodden self?
Find something to do that is rejuvenating for you … and do it.

Have a fabulous, energizing weekend, friend.

{{{hugs}}}, blessings & peace to you,


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