Makes Me Happy Monday : Broken Juice Glass

Have you ever noticed how
you DON’T notice when something irritating or frustrating
STOPS happening?

The other day, a soapy coffee cup slipped from my hands
and landed on top of a juice cup that was already waiting for a rinse in the sink.
*clink* Broken juice glass in my sink
I was surprised by the breaking of the glass
because I think this was the first glass to break since I put in my new sink
way back in October.
 . . . four months ago . . .
With our old cast-iron sink, AT LEAST one glass item would break every week,
but more often than not, several would be broken.

It was quite a hazard because it is so easy to be cut by those unexpected breaks.

When I look at a photo like this, it appears sensationalized  …. or melodramatic ….
but a heap of dangerous glass shards like this was a common dishwashing occurrence.shards of glass intertwined with silverware

As I stood and washed and rinsed, I thought about
how I had forgotten about the fear of being cut.

It is a gift, isn’t it? … to forget pain?
Some of us save it … hoard it. Some of us stuff it and shove it away and never deal with it.
And some of us spend our lives re-living it wondering when it will happen again.
There is a healthy place in between.
There is a good place to live
where we live through it, look at it, deal with it
and move on.

I hated to lose that pretty amber beauty.
I have become a collector of amber. I love the 70’s feel. I have tiny juice glasses, several mid-sized glasses and just a few huge glasses that are perfect for tea-guzzling big kids. Amber Glassware

Some days, it feels as though I get nothing accomplished … as if I run in circles. Being a single mom takes a LOT of work. But, there are those days when I am reminded that much has been done here. And the really scary things – like replacing a kitchen sink – are big jobs that I am grateful are behind me.

I am thankful for the reminder.
I am thankful for friends provided by God who come along to help do tough stuff and spur me on.
I am thankful for the removal of dangerous things – like big, metal sinks.
And I am thankful for a broken amber juice glass.

Sink love

That broken juice glass made me happy
because it reminded me of protection, provision and moving forward.
What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morning?

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