Makes Me Happy Monday : Kindness

This last week was …. uhm ……. full of uncertainty.
The south-east was drenched with rain on Tuesday
then we had a flash-freeze on Wednesday
that brought life to a standstill.
Over a hundred thousand people in our immediate area lost power.
We were without for four days.
It was returned to us sometime after midnight Sunday morn.
Flames in the fireplace

During those four days,
I had one friend bring us a gracious amount of  firewood,
one friend to text me to check on me every day
and another one call from out-of-town to ask if he could help us in any way.
And as I walked into a store last night,
I had a gentleman hold the door open for me.
I told him “Thank you so much”
and as I walked past his graciousness, I felt the tears coming.

Kindness is so rare.
It feels as though people don’t pay attention to people around them.
We can’t save every lost puppy, heal every wound or comfort every soul.
I want to do so much more than I am physically, emotionally or financially able.
Sometimes, we’re doing what we can just to keep ourselves in motion
and life often feels isolated.
And honestly, even small acts of kindness can be monumental.
The man who held that door open for me …. saw me.
He saw that I was near him.
He saw I was walking in the same direction.
And he offered the kindness of simply opening a door.
Even a small kindness …. is anything but small.

Yes, simple, organic kindness makes me happy …
the sort of kindness that “sees” people and extends a hand.
What makes you happy this mild Monday morning?


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