Makes Me Happy Monday : A Painted Snail

Chuck Hanes and Elizabeth Collins snails

These beautiful little creatures were created by Chuck Hanes and Elizabeth Collins. They are potter friends from Madison, Georgia. To be truthful, I don’t know who created which one and I don’t know who came up with the idea to begin creating snails. I expect bits of clay were left over after some clay making venture when … someone was doodling with clay and then … a handful came to life. I would guess that each of them made a few and they may have added glazes to snails that they didn’t create. They are a team. In some ways, it feels like their work even flows together, though they both have distinct styles as potters.

I adore snails. I ooohed and ahhhhhed over snails that Chuck and Elizabeth posted on Facebook. When I went to their house a few weeks ago, Chuck gifted a few to me.

And the little guy in the rear? Well …. his shell was just begging me to paint it … so I did. Painted Snail

Painted Patterned snail

window love Now, he sits on my kitchen window sill and
alongside drying brushes, a new favorite pine cone.
These friends keep me company when I do dishes.

This little snail makes me so happy!!

Some days … we have to look for the “happy.” Mondays can be tough. It’s hard to leave home and get back into the work week with responsibilities, deadlines and the scatter of family or the busy of just being home with all of those responsibilities. No matter what your life looks like, when we look for happy, we can find it. Make the effort to look for the joy today.

What makes YOU happy this magnificent Monday morning?
Have a marvelous week this week.



5 thoughts on “Makes Me Happy Monday : A Painted Snail

  1. I think that snails can teach us something! They take their time, and when they have had enough, they retreat where no one can see them until they are ready to come out! I love the close ups AND your choice of paint design!
    Have a great week, Karen!


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