Makes Me Happy Monday : Soapstone Necklace

I spent my entire weekend in downtown Augusta at our annual Arts in the Heart festival.  This festival is over 30 years old and is one of the top festivals in the south with 120 artists sharing their wares, food vendors representing dozens of countries/ethnicities from around the world and continuous entertainment from beginning to end of event at each of the five stages. It’s quite a weekend to enjoy.


I usually buy at least one or two little gifts for myself while visiting. This year, I spent my birthday money (Thanks Mom and Dad!) on a gorgeous soapstone necklace.

It was made by a new friend, Ajit Churrch. I met him through another friend, Gina, who has a great little eclectic shop downtown. Her shoppe is filled with all sorts of curiosities and vintage items, artwork she creates from found and repurposed objects and a huge number of awesome, funky paintings. You can find her HERE on Facebook.

Here’s a gorgeous treasure she made from an old tool that I’ve had for years. I knew she would do something spectacular with it.  Just look at those wings! That face! And that wonderful skirt!! I love it!

Wooden wings with a old soul - Assemblage by Gina Langston Brewer

I’m always amazed at how quickly Gina can create. She’s not afraid. She doesn’t worry about messing up. She just creates. She picks up the brush and begins to pour out her heart in purples, salmon and green. Her paintings are fun and abstract. Here is a fun one that is on my Instagram feed. She is as talented with mixed media as she is with a simple brush and vibrant colors.

While visiting with Gina on Saturday where she was set up in the Augusta Market at the River (where you’ll find her every Saturday morning), I got to meet her friend Ajit who had paintings and necklaces displayed.

Soapstone Necklace by Ajit Churrch

I was totally taken by his necklaces. You can see several of them HERE.  

Soapstone Necklace by Ajit Churrch

He said that he cuts the small pendants from larger stones and then fits them with wire, tubing, shells and found objects.

Soapstone Necklace by Ajit Churrch

Some have holes drilled. Some have added paint. I just loved this one so it was my splurge for the weekend.

Soapstone Necklace by Ajit Churrch

I love how there are so many textures and colors! Even the stone is multi-colored.
Soapstone Necklace by Ajit ChurrchWhile downtown, I just threw it on with all the other necklaces already adorning my neck.

My new necklace amongst the old favorites

I’m so careful with my money. We took sandwiches and fruit with us downtown. I could have spend 10-20-30.00 on food, but I chose to spend my birthday money on something that would last and last. I invested it into this beautiful necklace that I will enjoy for years and years to come.

It really makes me happy!

What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morning?

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