Magnetic Pin Cushion Tutorial

My favorite things are old things.

I cherish relationships with rooted history …
marriages between two who have chosen to remain
…. and friends who have committed to longevity.
These are dear, treasured and sparse.

And I also love antique dishes, ancient, real-wood furniture and creaky, historic homes.
I love them because they have silent, secretive stories stored up inside them.
I love them because they are usually well made and they have made it through the breaking-in stage of life
to the rich, deep living that has narrative and experience.

This is my favorite dish pattern.
A homemade replica of a Starbucks Pumpkin Scone and my awesome pottery coffee mug

It is an Edwin M. Knowles Vitreous dated #28-2-10.
It is comforting in color and intriguing in pattern.

A few years ago, I bought a magnetic pin cushion.
Sewing is faster for me when I can pull pins off a magnetic cushion or throw them back onto one.
But, the only colors available were bright like red, pink or white.

Magnetic Pin Cushion Tutorial #DIY #Vintage #Repurposed

The more my true-self begins to emerge post-divorce, the more I realize that
I really don’t like crisp, bright or primary colors in my home.
I love the calming colors of nature … and I love pattern.

I recently saw a photo of a repurposed plate made into a pin cushion.
I knew that I wanted to make one from one of my antique plates.

Magnetic Pin Cushion Tutorial #DIY #Vintage #Repurposed

Using a strong glue like E6000, I glued circle magnets to the back of the plate
and then snapped a few in half to fill in empty spots
so that the magnetic surface almost filled inside the lip of the base.
The magnets have a tendency to pull together and flip on top of each other
so once I got them in place on the plate, I sandwiched the plate
between two books to hold them in place while they dried overnight.

Magnetic Pin Cushion Tutorial #DIY #Vintage #Repurposed

The next morn, I cut a circle of fabric to cover the magnets to keep them from scratching wooden surfaces.
I glued the circle into place with some fabric glue …..

Magnetic Pin Cushion Tutorial #DIY #Vintage #Repurposed

and then I promptly placed that garish, red plastic store-bought pin cushion
into my thrift store pile. #DIY #Vintage #Repurposed #sewing

I am thoroughly enjoying my new/antique magnetic pin cushion.
It is soothing to my eye in color, pattern and mood.
And I like the wide lip that allows me to pull a single pin to the edge of the plate easily.

As our weekend draws near,
I encourage you to remove things in your life that are brazen in your sight.
Get rid of the things that are work to keep up,
that unsettle your spirit or leave you exhausted rather than refreshed.
One at a time, as you go about your life, pluck those things out of your life
and give them away.
This goes for every area of your life ….
from the objects in your home or at work on your desk,
to the habits you have allowed to take up energy
to the relationships that influence your well-being.
For you, the stimulation of a red pin cushion might invigorate you to sew more.
For me, it was distracting and agitating.

We are all built different. I encourage you to figure out what you love
and, as much as you can, surround yourself with those things
and get rid of the junk.

May your weekend be beautiful … filled with activities that are refreshing and energizing.


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