Makes Me Happy Monday : Amber Glassware

I’ve mentioned before that I love amber glass. I wrote about my amber candle holder here.

Some time ago, I began picking up amber glasses. Our old sink and all of the glass breakage that it caused kept me in “replacement mode.” And somewhere along the way, I began to buy amber drinking glasses.

These days, when dishes are washed, I often find a sink full of wet auburn glass.

Amber Glassware

And you know I’m always asking myself why do I do this, like this or feel this way?
Which made me wonder why I am soooo drawn to amber.

I can’t help wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that …. it comes from trees.
Pine trees will dribble drops of sap onto your vehicle and leave it spotted and sticky.
Ancient sap can be found fossilized with beautiful insects entombed.
I have wondered if I am drawn to amber simply because it is the life blood of trees.

No matter the reason, it makes me happy to gaze upon it.
And these new glasses … are a welcome addition to our kitchen beverage utensil selection.

My newest Amber glassware <3

After dropping Glory off at the airport on the south side of town on a muggy, Saturday morning,
I found myself wandering around the flea market where I stumbled upon these beauties!
I love that we have a growing menagerie of glasses that is completely mis-matched and fully gorgeous!

Yep! Amber glassware in an array of styles and designs makes me happy today.
What makes you happy this marvelous Monday morning?


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