Makes Me Happy Monday : Snail Mug

My super lovely friend, Elizabeth Collins, lives in Madison, Georgia and plays with clay for a living.
One of the creations that she is known for
is the mermaids she crafts from clay and adorns with shells, copper and found objects.

Elizabeth Collins' clay Mermaid

She and her equally talented friend, Chuck Hanes,  do their magic with clay, glaze, found objects and a very, very hot oven
here in this fabulous space.

Elizabeth's studio

I was totally enamored with these precious little vases that Elizabeth made. Adding a magnet allows them to hang on a fridge. Gluing on a pin allows them to be a boutonnière base.  Aren’t they just gorgeous? Can’t you just imagine them filled with a small rose and baby’s breath, a fall leaf and pine cone or a pair of feathers and wildflowers and mounted upon the lapel of a groom and groomsmen? I can!
A few of Elizabeth's tiny clay vases - size reference: the little brown one is about the size of a quarter

I’ve mentioned before ( here ) how much I like snails and slugs. When I saw Chuck post some of their clay snails on Facebook, I chimed in on the comment feed that I wanted one. They gave me a few (like this one that I painted), but I didn’t know that they are also creating mugs with the sweet creatures!

This beautiful little mug was a gift from Chuck and Elizabeth. To be honest, I am not sure which of the two of them created it. I think, on some of their ventures, their creations are a joint effort. And I’ve noticed that they do a “joint efforts” really well. They are both relaxed about most everything in life. Whatever they are doing, they give it a good “best shot,” but they don’t let their feathers get too ruffled if something goes awry. I really admire that balance. They make a very good team. IClay Snail Mug

love the shape of this mug. It has just the right curves for your hand.

And that sweet little guy perched up on the edge? Well …  could he BE any cuter?
I’m pretty sure he’s in position to keep an eye on the beverage in the mug.
Clay Snail Mug

And while snapping these photos,
I even noticed that he has a kitty-cat silhouette!
Look at the reflection in the coffee inside the mug!!
That made me giggle!

Clay Snail Mug

I‘m so thankful for little things
that bring great joy
like friendships that are easy,
hot coffee on a cool morning
and a mug with a snail made of clay.

What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morning?

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