Pocket Envy

As I was getting things together for my overnight backpacking trip to Panther Creek Falls, I knew that the best way to dress for the weekend would be to wear zip-off pants. They provide a pants-to-shorts option in dressing that just makes sense when you’re trying to travel light. My oldest used to have a pair about ten years ago, but I wasn’t sure if they are still made. I know I don’t see them worn at the mall or the grocery store … so I wasn’t sure if I could find a pair. But, in my store-hopping adventures from Cabela’s to Gander Mountain to Waldens as I prepared for the trip,  I saw that they are still popular (for outdoor enthusiasts, anyway) … though, now they are called Convertible Nylon Pants.

Our Meet Up Hiking Group

I found them in both a men’s and a women’s cut. I tried on both styless.
They fit very similarly … except the women’s pair was more fitted through the rear with a slightly lower, fitted waistband.
But, the big difference?
Look at the pockets!
Women get this prissy, little pocket that is 1/3 smaller than the men’s gracious side pocket
that actually e.x.p.a.n.d.s and has room for STUFF!
And the front pocket is much more shallow, as well. The men’s side pocket is deep and roomy.
When the bottoms are zipped off, the women’s shorts are longer than the men’s version.

Zip Off Pocket Styles Men's vs Women's

Evidently, m.o.s.t women are willing to pay more for a pair of convertible pants than men are willing to pay
because the women’s pair is $15.00 more than men’s pair.
So, men get better pockets for $15.00 less money?
Well … I’m not “most women.”  I’m going with the better pockets for less money!

Zip Off Prices Men's vs Women's

Men that wear size small also have legs that are shorter than mine
so I let out the hem on my pants and added a strip of trim so I had additional length.

Adding length to my pants

This is Tom, our event coordinator. As a coordinator, he plans outings and takes the responsibility for the trip’s destination and schedule. Just before we left, he read the trail cautions and safety tips. I adore this guy. While he’s a great leader, he is also a “go-with-the-flow” kind of person.  He makes allowance for different personality temperaments and just makes each event enjoyable and comfortable.
Tom Maresh

I noticed while we were on a snack and rest break
–  and his side pockets were right in my line of vision because I was sitting down panting resting
and he was still standing –
that he had awe.some pockets … even cooler than those on my man-version cargo pants!
I now have full-fledged “pocket envy.”
His pockets were double pockets!
And his pants even had labeled zippers
so he knew which zipped-off pants leg bottom
went on which leg.
Yeah. I thought that was pretty awesome.
I just marked mine with a sharpie. Now I have

While I was packing my pack, I thought about how much I have changed in the last few years since my divorce. I always wanted to please my husband. Now, I don’t have to worry about that.  I am much more adventurous than I have ever been. One way I am braver is I have realized that I can change almost anything. I can modify my vehicle. I can remodel a piece of furniture. I can change a pair of pants to work for me when they were designed for someone else. I even changed a purchased piece of artwork not too long ago. I loved the piece …  BUT it had pink in the sky. I chose to change the sky to a color that worked in my home and, oh how I love the change. Now, it feels like it fits into my house with ease. I’m finding that I feel a confidence and ease at changing things to my liking without fear of upsetting someone. It’s a really good feeling.
My hiking boots and altered pants hem

Altering my pants was one more energizing, empowering thing that I have done for myself lately.
What can you do to energize and empower yourself this weekend?
Carve out some time to do something that nourishes your soul. It will help next week be a better week!
Have a great weekend, friend!


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