Makes Me Happy Monday : Kitchen Towels

I’m a little particular about my kitchen towels.
I don’t really care for the type made from looped cotton fabric that feels like a bath towel.
I like my kitchen towels to be made of cotton with a smooth finish like that of a thick flour sack or a heavy cotton shirt.

Plentiful fabric

Over the last year, I’ve been taking scraps of fabric that coordinate in color and are full of rich pattern
and putting them together to create my own kitchen towels.
Sometimes, I begin with the base of a well-made cloth napkin.
They are just the right weight to withstand repeated washing and handling.

Hand sewn kitchen towels

To most, I have added a bit of twill tape with a saying stamped upon it.
Because …. words! I love words!

Hand sewn kitchen towel

This one is one of my favorites!
It’s a bit wonky looking … which is probably the reason that I love it so!
It’s created with one of my dad’s discarded  shirts that I plucked from my mom’s yard sale pile
and a home-made tablecloth from a fabulous patterned fabric that I picked up secondhand.
No tucked neat edges on this baby! I like that it has gently raveled through continued use.
Hand sewn kitchen towel
I love to add a little lace,
an antique button,
and a whimsical combination of zig-zag and straight stitching.

I have been surprised at the amount of time these make to create.
Anything that is pieces takes extra time to sew and,
like my curtains, these have many layers and fabrics.
But, I’m loving the way they turn out and think the extra time is worth the investment!

Hand sewn kitchen towels

I guess we can set our sights on finding happiness when we reach great, big goals.
We can put all of our energy and expectation into those turning out “just right”
Or we can find joy in the daily .. the everyday … the beautifully common.
I treasure a comfortable coffee cup,
light and shadow inching across the living room
and simple, colorful hand towels that encourage me to be “happy”
as I go about my daily duties.

What about you?
What makes you happy this marvelous Monday morning?


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