Sewing Machine Cover

The more I have used my machine, the more meticulous I have become about keeping it clean. I keep canned air on hand so that I can blow the lint out of the underside where the bobbin carriage is located. When I know I won’t be using it for an extended time, I will cover it to keep it dust free, but I don’t drop the machine down inside the table and hide it because it takes extra work to bring it back out. I like to keep it ready to use, because I sew and repair often.

Since moving my sewing machine into my dining room, I decided I wanted to create a more attractive way to cover it than just using the clear, plastic cover I purchased at a fabric store. As soon as I finished my kleenex box cover, I decided to sew a very similar style cover.

Stack of material

My favorite fabric is medium to lightweight upholstery fabric. I have stacks of this in my stash in every color of autumn that your mind can imagine.

I’m really not much of a sewing-pattern kind of girl. I don’t sew clothing “from scratch.” I do a lot of reinventing (like this ; two shirts into a smock)  and reupholstering of small items. For most of my projects, I prefer to wing it … just eye-ball it and fit things as I go.

For my machine cover, I simply cut my fabric to fit, piecing the cover together outside-out and then flipping the edges inside to sew as I went. I started with the top,  added the back, each side and then finally the front.

Because I love selvedge edges so much, I left them raw and un-hemmed.

Selvedge edges! Oh Joy!

I love that the cover helps camouflage my machine as it sits in my dining room. You almost wouldn’t notice this as my sewing area.

My dining room/sewing corner

The beauty of the weight of the fabric, the gorgeous, raw selvedge edges and the wonderful melding of patterns
makes this machine cover beautiful to me!Pieced together sewing machine cover. Love.

This is just one more creative endeavor I have tackled that has brought me energy and joy! Sewing Machine Cover

As you begin your weekend, have you considered how to nurture your spirit?
The things that make your heart sing will be different from anyone else.
Get to know yourself.
What catches your eye? What colors? Textures? Smells?
What actions? Creatures? Sounds?
Figure this out and then look for ways to nurture that love and energy.
Find a way to do something that makes you happy!

In reading Ken Robinson’s book, Finding Your Element (seen here) 
Ken shared something that made an impression on me!
We should look for the thing(s) in life that bring us energy and fulfill us.
One way to tell what that might be for you is to ask yourself the question,
“What thing do I do that makes the hours feel like minutes?”
What do you do that you find yourself saying, “What? It’s been two hours?
Where has the time gone?”
I had never really thought about this!
For me, time flies by when I am doing something creative.
My greatest passions are sewing, painting and working with paper.
When the time passes quickly, you’re in your element.
When the minutes feel like hours – you are not.
With that in mind, what do you so enjoy that time passes quickly?
That is what you should do to relax and invigorate yourself.
May you find time to do something that brings you great enjoyment this weekend!
And have a beautiful weekend, friends, in whatever you find yourself doing.


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