Makes Me Happy Monday: Console Love

I have a new-to-me vehicle. It’s a nice little truck,
but the console was badly stained and had a rip in the fabric.
I tried using several cleaners and just couldn’t get it clean.
And the more clean I got it, the more the rip gleamed BIG.

I think I have mentioned that I am learning that
things don’t HAVE to stay the way they are.
I can paint wood, shorten table legs and recreate a cabinet.
I can move a wall, add a shelf or wire a jug to become a lamp.

I wondered … could I also cover a console?

I pulled off the cover to my arm rest/console and looked at it closely.
It had just a few screws that held the upholstered top to the hinged base.
Just a little bit of un-doing revealed that
recovering the console would be fairly simple.

As it turned out, creating the curve that hugs that cup holder
was not fairly simple.
It took a little sewing ingenuity.
But, after looking closely at the fabric that I removed from the arm rest,
I was able to figure out how to recreate that design in a new fabric.
Since I have not had much training, I’m never sure how hard a project like this will be.
Remembering to press as I go
as I was piecing things together
made this sewing project neat with clean edges.
And the fit is just perfect!

My reupholstered truck console/arm restNow, the truck has its own distinct fabric. It changed everything about the way it “feels” to me.
Little changes can make a big difference.
Small things can bring surprising joy.

The fresh upholstery on my console makes me happy.
What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morning?


10 thoughts on “Makes Me Happy Monday: Console Love

  1. I cleaned my closet this weekend…I mean, down to taking everything out and cleaning the baseboards! Getting dressed for work this morning was a breeze, and a joy! It felt like I had a new wardrobe! 🙂


  2. I noticed that when we were there and think it’s marvelous. It’s always important to remember that we can change things that are bothering us, and sometimes small changes make the biggest differences. 🙂


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