Magpie Kitchen Curtains

For as long as I can remember, only the bedrooms in my home have had curtains. I love natural light and don’t want to block it in any way, shape or form.
I WANT it to flood into my home. But, after my husband left, I felt the need to close the view to our inside lives. I have thoroughly enjoyed creating curtains for each window.

The kitchen window used to have a valance that I changed seasonally. Here is a Christmas version.

Kitchen greenery
As you know, a valance is decorative
but it offers no privacy.
I have had an idea for kitchen curtains for quite some time.
I have known which fabrics I wanted in the kitchen,
but not made myself gather those fabrics out of my stash
and piece them together.
Not too long ago, I decided it was time.


My fabrics are always a hodge-podge.
In fact, I think of myself as a “Magpie.”
A Magpie is a type of crow. (read here)
They pick up all sorts of found objects and shiny things
and fly them back to their nest.

Rusty bottle caps - for an art project
I think of Magpies when I bring home little things that I find along the road,
at yard sales or in thrift stores.
So, I’m calling these curtains Magpie curtains
because they are the created from things collected out in the world along life’s way
and brought back to my “nest.”

The leaf fabric that has a red outline around each leaf
was a very long skirt that I picked up at Goodwill
for the sole purpose of using the fabric in a project.
The striped shirt was one of my absolutely favorite shirts of James’.
I even incorporated the sleeve placket & buttons into the strip for interest!
And the super large lily-pad looking leaf fabric
is from a large piece of retro fabric I picked up at a yard sale years ago.

I’m really enjoying lots of rough edges, zig-zag-to-straight stitching and piecing of smaller strips.
When these are washed, they will beautiful fray along the edges! *swoon*
That sweet little embellished flower and button eye
were both in sewing hand-me-downs from my sweet grandmother, Odessa Cason.
And I found that cute-as-pie tiny puff-ball edging at Michaels!

With old amber bottles on one side of the window ledge …..
(because I love amber!)


And antique bottles strategically placed for paint brush drying on the other side,
I love everything about my kitchen windows.


The curtains …. are perfect.
They’re layered and gentle.
They’re amber and yellows.

And they’re pieced together in long strips of many patterns …
like life – a fabric mosaic of design.

Believe in yourself. :D

It is slow in coming …
but I’m beginning to believe in myself.
It takes time after divorce.
I think it takes more time to grieve and recover
for some people than for others.
And to be honest, I’m not near finished.
I’m working my way through the muck.
I’m learning to stand on my own two feet.
I am learning to believe in myself.

I’m finding it is super important to listen to your heart and do what you love.
I am enjoying creating more and more each week.
And I am making time to do what I enjoy.

As the weekend draws near,
what can you do that will enrich your life
by nourishing your soul?

Recently, I chose to make curtains.
What about you?



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