Makes Me Happy Monday : Treasure JackPot!

Yesterday afternoon, I had the opportunity to do a little exploring in the woods with a friend.
We walked down a power line thoroughfare, climbed over barbed wire
and tried our best to stay a little more than arm’s reach from briers both green and brown.

Autumn flowering

While hitch hikers grabbed hold of clothing, we chatted
and I counted blessings ….
for friendships that nourish the soul
sunlight that dances through trees
and the stunning beauty that is creation.

Afternoon woods meandering

Near a gorgeous old barn
that told stories of animals that were invited
and squatters that were not,

Gorgeous old barn

I spied treasure!
Remains ... of an old truck or tractor seat?
Some of it was so well camouflaged that I found myself stepping on it
without seeing it first.
There I stood
tangled in knotted wire that would have thrown me
had I tried to break free in haste.

Can you see them?
And I thought about all the gifts we receive
that we don’t even recognize as such.
We may be standing right on top of them ….
with them pressed under the weight of our life
and not even know they’re there.
Looking for parallels in the spiritual physical world .... And some of us, foolishly
don’t even recognize the tangles and knots as gifts.
For what is treasure to one
often looks like trash to another.
All the messes can be gifts if we look past the oxidation and decay ….
divorce, sickness, lack of wealth,
loss of income, injury, brokenness,
delays, detours and death.
There is something to be learned
and something to be gained
from all …
even the painful.

And in that half-buried, disintegrating pile of rubble,
I could see the value.
So, I ran back out to that long stretch of cleared land.
I grabbed that forlorn box and stuffed it full of glorious booty!

Power line thoroughfare

I gathered up treasures
for some not-yet-conjured-up creation
and walked away with excitement.

Reindeer Moss

As we start another week, inching towards winter
where busy lulls to a slower pace of rest,
I am thankful for a slow walk in the woods
with an old friend
and the uncovering of treasures.

What about you?
What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morn?

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