Magpie Jacket

I have had this denim jacket for several years. I’m pretty sure I picked it up at Goodwill … so … it probably cost me around $5.00.  The other day, I thought how nice it would be if I added a little more pattern to it (like my kleenex box cover,  bird cage jacket  and sewing machine cover). So, I pulled out my bits-and-pieces box of fabric and began cutting out squares and rectangles.

Laying out fabric squares/rectangles

I layered these pieces of varying fabric patterns over the muted paisley pattern of the existing fabric and added some buttons and a few tiny doilies.
Magpie jacket

Along the shoulder line, I added a line of fabric, as well. I picked this fabric up at a yard sale and it has been SO MUCH FUN!

Back view of my magpie jacket

It unravels in a beautiful way. So, I ran a 1/4″ piece of upholstery fabric along the middle with a nice zig-zag stripe. This should keep it from unraveling completely, but allows it to fray deep.
My fray-stop techniqueI added a merpy little face at the back left just for fun. She looks quirky and fun. She’ll be at eye-level for small children. I’m sure they’ll probably notice her silly face … which makes me giggle. We all need to see silly faces a little more often!

A merpy little face on the back of the jacket. <3

And this may very well be my favorite square. I adore this little button. It’s rough and tumble with a little texture and a little curve. I just think it’s completely fun, nestled there in that fabric hole.

Maybe my favorite square on the whole jacket? Love that little button.

The cuffs are trimmed just like the base of the jacket … with lots of different fabric patterns.  These fabric pieces are all edged to allow some fraying but not TOO much. I want them to age well and settle into a comfortable, tattered look.

My magpie jacket

I think it took me about two to three hours to choose, cut, place and sew this embellishment project. But, it was so much fun to create … the time just flew by.

A full row of texture and pattern. *swoon

Which of course, brings me to my hope for you. What makes time fly for you? What do you LOVE to do? What is that thing that makes your spirit soar and your face light up? What brings you great joy and satisfaction? I hope you’re able to find time to do THAT a little bit this weekend. And if you can, find a way to gift that for the holidays. Use your talent … your gift … to bless others! It will increase the value of your gift and the joy you will find in giving it.

Have a beautiful weekend, friends.


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