Makes Me Happy Monday: Cattails

Just before we dipped below freezing, I snipped the last hydrangea blooms from the bush in the front yard. That dear bush came from shoots that sprung up under the huge bush at my parent’s home on Lake Seminole.


And the bush at my parent’s home came from sprigs that they harvested from under my grandma Odessa’s plant.  Every year, my hydrangea offers a few more blooms that it had the year before. And every year, it brings me more and more joy.

The other day, I pulled those crinkly blossoms down from their drying spot and worked them into a little vintage vase. The green in the vase brings out the green in those blooms. Green. The color of summer.

As the light filters through my bedroom window in the afternoon, it reminds me of summer and warmth and my sweet Mama, Odessa Cason.

My Grandmother, Odessa's Hydrangea blooms

Last night, I found myself at Kroger… buying groceries to tip my fuel points on over by another hundred dollars so I can earn another .10 off my gas next month. I have a friend who really works the Kroger fuel points gift and I’m learning to do the same. Saving .40-.50 cents per gallon for up to 35 gallons sounds like a wonderful thing to me! I only have one vehicle so I pump my vehicle full and then fill my plastic gas tanks with the rest of the 35 gallons (the savings is only good for a single purchase).  Benjamin Franklin was right. A penny saved is a penny earned.

As I’m making my way to the checkout, I passed a discounted floral buggy and saw there were cattails waiting to be taken home by my lucky soul. The sight of them almost made me swoon. So many emotions are attached to cattails …. the calmness of water, serenity found when camping beside a lake and a strong mooring and balance that I feel when I’m at my parent’s peaceful home by the water. “Please come with me,” I thought as I reached for a few bunches.

For $2.97, I took home three little bouquets of fall beauty that will make me happy for ages.


I was going to hang them upside down and let them dry out slowly in a dark corner, but decided I’d arrange a few so I could watch their autumn goodness turn. These partially green stems will soon drift to brown.

Cattails in vintage pitcher

Left untouched, they will molt their downy stalk, but sprayed with hair spray and kept in low humidity, the flower will stay tight for ages.


So, I tucked a few into some florist foam stuffed down inside a vintage pitcher and sat it upon a cubby-hole sideboard that I created for my dining room.

Cattails - a gift

Bringing remnants of autumn into the house makes me so happy. Days are fleeting. Time continues to pass. Every chance I find to bring the outdoors in, the more peace I feel inside my home.

Bringing the outdoors in …. extending the season of autumn …. soothing life’s bumpy edges with nature …. these are good and wonderful and beautiful things to me. They make me so happy.

What about you? What makes you happy this marvelous Monday morning?


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