Makes Me Happy Monday: Salmon & White & Rose

I’ve seen Christmas cactus plants that are so full of blooms that they appear to have more blooms than greenery. I don’t know why, but my plant has never been like this.

Thanksgiving to Christmas Cactus

For years, it didn’t bloom at all … and when I say years … I mean five or ten or more? I shared my disappointment with my mom and even begged for help here on the blog (back in 2008). And each  year, I learn a little more about how to get my sweet little plant to bloom.

After asking for help, I actually had a few blooms in 2009. Here’s a photo I posted on Facebook that year. It was SO exciting to see blooms on my plant!!

Thanksgiving cactus

I’m proud to say that she blooms more and more beautifully each year.

Thanksgiving to Christmas Cactus

This plant was given to me by my mother. The pot must contain sprigs from several different cactus plants … because it blooms in several colors – a beautiful light pink, a yummy coral and even a few blooms that are white.

My first bloom usually appears around the week of Thanksgiving and continues to flower for several weeks into December.

Thanksgiving to Christmas Cactus

These sweet blooms remind me of my grandmothers and my sweet mother. They remind me of home and childhood and being with family for Christmas.

Lately, I’ve found myself sitting in the chair in the bay window, basking in the sun and just soaking in the beauty of those delicate petals, pistils and stamens.

Thanksgiving to Christmas Cactus

It’s a small thing and these fragile flower’s blooms are fleeting. But, I enjoy them so much.

My blooming Thanksgiving/Christmas cactus brings me such joy!
What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morning?

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